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LMC Professional Development & Learning

The mission of LMC’s Professional Development and Learning Program is to strengthen and support a dynamic learning environment that promotes and enhances the personal, professional and organizational development for all employees - with the ultimate goal of student success.

LMC was founded on the principles of continuous development and professional growth of its employees and, to this day, professional learning is a respected and practiced value of our campus culture.

The Shared Governance Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) and the Local Flex Planning Group (LPG) work closely with professional development staff to plan and coordinate a variety of trainings, conferences,  and activities that engage employees in their professional growth in areas such as Teaching and Learning, Cultural Humility and Equity, Technology, Health, Wellness and Safety, and Leadership and Management. Inclusion, Assessment and Community Building are integrated into all aspects of Professional Development.    

If you are interested in learning more or would like to join PDAC or LPG, please feel free to contact Sabrina T. Kwist, Dean, Equity and Inclusion (925) 473-7314 (ext. 37314). 

PD Goals and Objectives and Mission, Guidelines and Outcomes -

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE (PDAC) (A Shared Governance - Brown Act governed committee)

PDAC is responsible for the coordination of professional learning activities on campus. Its members are comprised of Classified, Faculty, Managers. and Students who meet monthly (4th Thursdays, 2 - 4-5 p.m. in CO-420 or L-215).

Local Planning Group for Flex (LPG) Review and approves Professional Learning (Flex) activities (a United Faculty contractually mandated committee - not a Brown Act Committee)


ROSTER FOR 2017-18

The Local Planning Group for Flex (LPG) meets the 4th Thursday of the month, immediately following PDAC, at 4-5 pm.

*Denotes PDAC member also


  • *Courtney Diputado, Education Technology
  • *Shondra West, Sr. Admin. Asst, Office of Instruction (Pending)
  • *Eric Sanchez, Art/Drama/Journalism


  • *Josh Bearden, Social Science Faculty
  • *Erlinda Jones, Child Development Faculty
  • Vacant


  • *Sabrina Kwist, Dean, Equity and Inclusion
  • *Carla Rosas, 3SP Director
  • Vacant


  • *Marco McMullen, LMCAS Representative


  • Courtney Diputado, Education Technology Trainer, D2L Support (Classified)
  • Sabrina T. Kwist. Dean of Equity and Inclusion/Co-Chair/LPG Member
  • Tess Caldwell, Equity Professional Development Facilitator (.25)
  • Mary Oleson, PDAC Co-Chair/Program Coordinator, Equity and Inclusion Office
  • Hannah Tatmon, Office Assistant 1 (Hourly), Office of Equity and Advancement
  • Vacant, Equity Professional Learning Facilitator (.25)

PDAC's invites all staff to join workgroups through which campus professional learning initiatives and related allocations of resources are made. Equity, inclusion, collaboration, and assessment are woven throughout its activities.

Conference Review
Health and Wellness - Meets 2nd Monday of the Month 3-4 p.m. in CO-420 (May also meet 4th Mondays as needed)
Classified Professional Development
Teaching and Learning
Welcome/Orientation Lunch for New Employees

For questions regarding Professional Learning and/or Flex, please contact:

Local Planning Group for Flex Chair: Vacant

Hannah Tatmon, Office Assistant 1, Classified Hourly, Equity and Inclusion Office

Manager/PDAC Co-Chair: