Tutoring Services at LMC

Online and in-person tutoring available

Virtual and in-person services offered:

Tutoring area Get Help With These Subjects How to get help
Center for Academic Support (Live Support)

Reading and Writing Consultations for a variety of subjects




Enroll for consultations via Canvas

Center for Academic Support (Email Support)

Reading and Writing Email Consultations


 Enroll for email consultations
Center for Academic Support

Peer tutoring for a variety of subjects. 



Enroll in Canvas Peer Tutoring  

Math Lab Online and in-person tutoring and support for math.

How to access Pittsburg Lab

How to access Brentwood Lab

All students enrolled in a math course are also enrolled in the virtual Math Lab Canvas course.

Log-In to Canvas and accept the invitation to the Math Lab and get your math questions answered today!

MESA Center  Science and Math

Visit the MESA Center

Consult the calendar to see when tutors are available and join their tutoring rooms.

NetTutor A wide variety of subjects Look for the NetTutor link in your Canvas course menu:

How to access NetTutor

Don’t see a link in your course? Ask your instructor if NetTutor is available for your class.