Los Medanos College Foundation

Ways to Give

The Los Medanos College Foundation builds futures and changes students' lives by creating relationships with businesses, corporations, foundations and individual donors who invest in educational and career technical programs that benefit the economy and community-at-large. Since its formation in 1997, Los Medanos College Foundation has been committed to helping build that pathway for LMC and its students by raising and allocating critical financial support for educational and career technical training programs, teaching facilities, and student scholarships.

Los Medanos College Foundation has a mission. The mission is to support services for student success, offer much needed scholarships to students attending LMC and those transferring to four year colleges and universities, provide emergency loans to veterans, provide Mini Grants to faculty and staff whose innovative ideas fuel the dynamic learning experiences of our students, and support programs such as nursing which meet the needs of our community, business and industry. Your donations help us fulfill our mission and our students are grateful for your support!

LMC Foundation's Tax ID Number is 94-3295149.


Open the links below to learn more:

  • Cash Donation

    A gift of cash can be in the form of personal check, credit card, cash, or cashier’s check. For your convenience, donations may be sent through PayPal via the “Donate” button on this page. You may also send your donation to the Los Medanos College Foundation, 2700 E. Leland Road, Pittsburg, CA 94565. In addition, many employers will match your charitable gift to your nonprofit of choice through their charitable gift program. Remember to ask your employer if there is a “matching charitable gift” program.

  • Employee Contributions (Los Medanos College employees only)

    Many employees of Los Medanos College generously support the college through payroll deductions. Just fill in a simple form to start your contribution. Contact the Foundation Office (ext. 37315) for instructions and the payroll form.

  • Life Insurance

    Donors can name the Los Medanos College Foundation as beneficiary of a life insurance policy or donate a policy currently owned, to the foundation. After the donor donates the policy to the foundation, the donor’s future payments on the policy will be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for further information.

  • Appreciated Stocks

     Significant tax savings may be available to you by giving appreciated stock. You avoid capital gains tax on the increase in value of the stock, and you can receive a charitable tax deduction for the full fair market value of the stock at the time the donation is made. Please consult your tax advisor for further information.

  • Wills & Bequests

    Remembering Los Medanos College in your will removes assets from the donor’s estate and reduces its exposure to federal taxes. Bequests can include: cash, securities or other personal property; a percentage of your estate; or the residue of your estate such as property remaining after other bequests have been fulfilled. A simple codicil is all that is needed. Please consult your tax advisor/estate planner for further information.

    Suggested language to update your will: “I hereby give to Los Medanos College Foundation, a California non-profit corporation, with its principal place of business in Pittsburg, California, the sum of $ ; or the following described property…; or % of the remainder of my estate.”

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts

     Some donors elect to establish a trust to provide for the future of a loved one, in addition to Los Medanos College. With this arrangement, you can provide for one or more individuals to receive an asset during their lifetime, then, at their death, the principal goes to the LMC Foundation. Assets of cash, securities or real estate are transferred to a trust and removed from one’s taxable estate. Please consult your estate planner for further information.

  • Bank Account in Trust

     A bank account may also be opened in trust for the Los Medanos College Foundation. You may add or subtract from the account at any time and all interest earned is yours. In the event of death, the account would be automatically given to the LMC Foundation. Please consult your estate planner for further information.

  • Real Estate

     The Los Medanos College Foundation will consider donations of real estate such as your personal residence, farm, vacation home, commercial property, or undeveloped land. A charitable tax deduction may be realized, for example, by deeding your real estate to the LMC Foundation, while retaining the right to live in the home or retain its use during your lifetime. Please contact the foundation office for further information at 925-473-7315.

  • Gifts-in-Kind

     Donations of materials or other usable or marketable, tangible items, may be accepted upon recommendation of specific departments, College President, and the Los Medanos College Foundation Board of Directors. Gifts, such as artwork, valued at $500 or more must include a valid appraisal. Please contact the Foundation Office for further information at 925-473-7315.

  • Other Options

     If you have any questions about any of the above described plans or you have a special situation you wish to discuss, please contact the Foundation Office at 925-473-7315. We welcome the opportunity to discuss charitable donations with you and/or your advisors.