Learning Communities

Cohort-based programs

What are they? filler

Learning communities and Special Programs are cohort-based programs that offer exciting experiences and strong support designed to help you be successful in achieving your academic goals! While each program is unique, common features include:

  • Specialized counseling and transfer support
  • Special program-only sections of key courses
  • Enrichment activities like field trips and guest speakers
  • Free tutoring and academic support
  • Opportunities for community involvement
  • Guidance on transfer, financial aid, and scholarship applications

Why should I join?

Students who get connected and get involved early, are more successful and complete their degrees and/or transfer faster than students who don't. By joining programs like the ones below, you will be part of a group of friends, teachers, and counselors who will help you succeed. In short, being a part of a learning community or special program will enhance your experience at LMC!

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Mesa Graduates

MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement) provides academic support for educationally and economically disadvantaged STEM Transfer students

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Transfer Academy

Transfer academy logo

Find your major and career path with Transfer Academy!

  • Learn and grow with other first-generation and first-time college students
  • Study, connect, and build community with students with similar college and career goals

  • Secure set first-year schedule with blocked courses
  • Attend regular individual meetings with Transfer Academy counselor
  • Participate in out of class activities including university tours, workshops, program socials, and events
  • Receive support from dedicated program staff and faculty

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Honors Program

Happy Honors students

The Honors Program gives highly motivated students an enhanced academic experience and extra support services. Benefits include:

  • Transfer partnerships with top universities including UCLA;
  • Exclusive enrollment privileges for Honors Courses (like AP classes at the college level);
  • Transcript notation of your honors classes which provides a competitive edge for transfer and scholarships; and
  • Use of the brand-new Honors Center

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Umoja Scholars

Umoja students

The Umoja Scholars Program supports student goals through academic support services and a curriculum that focuses on African-American literature, history, and contemporary issues facing the African-American community:

  • Blocked courses
  • Educational Planning/Counseling for transfer, degrees, and certificates.
  • Tutoring and Study Sessions
  • Activities/Events

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puente grads

Puente is focused on success for underrepresented and first-generation students, and offers the following benefits:

  • A schedule for the first year with Puente-specific English and Academic Counseling courses
  • A transfer-driven environment where students become part of the Puente familia with their peers
  • Meetings and support from the dedicated Puente Counselor and English Professor
  • Specialized classroom activities and topics that pertain to the Latinx experience
  • Off-campus activities including motivational conferences, university tours, workshops, and Latinx cultural events.

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