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  • Step-By-Step Guide 

    The scheduling app helps you navigate the complex schedule planning and registration process, by allowing you to graphically view schedule options based on your personal and academic needs. 

    • Step 1: Select your courses

      Since your course selection is dependent on the term you wish to enroll in, you will be asked to select a term to start.

      Select a term before you start

      NOTE: If you have visited a counselor and have an Education Plan, you can import classes from your plan directly into your schedule. Click on Import from: My Education Plan.

      eduation plan button

      Once you have selected a term you can start to search for courses in the intelligent search bar. You can search by course code, course name, or instructor and the intelligent search bar will start to display all courses that match your criteria. Select the courses you want.

      If you don't know the name of the course you are looking for you can consult our course listing guide for the 2023 Spring semester. (link opens in new window)

      Using the intellegent search

      Once selected, the course will be added to the list of courses you wish to take below the search box.

      course example

      • Repeat course search and selection for all desired courses for the term.
      • To remove a course, click the trash can button in the upper right-hand corner of the box for that section.


    • Step 2: Schedule results

      Once you have completed your course selection, you can turn your attention to viewing schedule options which are displayed in the results panel on the right

      Schedule results

      The results panel displays all schedule options in a list with detailed information as well as in a graphical timetable view, so you can make the most informed decision about which schedule you want.

      Once all courses have been added, the search panel can be collapsed to expand the view schedule options by clicking the “<<”. You can toggle on the class information by turning the toggle in the upper left.

      toggle information

      Navigate through all schedule results by clicking on the left and right arrows, by swiping left and right on a mobile device or touch screen, or by scrolling using you keyboard keys.


    • Step 3: Refine your search

      There are several tools to narrow yoursearch results tofind your optimal schedule.

      Directly in the timetable view you can click to pin classes, preference sort schedules, apply filters, and click and drag to block out times when you do not want to take classes.

      refine search

    • Step 4: Save  your work

      Once you have found your optimal schedule, if your registration period has not started, there are several ways to save your work.

      At the bottom right of your screen you can:

      • Print your schedule
      • Create a share link and email and/or post
      • Save As Favorite

      Favorites can be retrieved at your registration appointment to see if seats are still available, and then proceed with registration.


    • Step 5: Proceed with registration

      Select CONTINUE once to start the registration process.





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