Associated Students of Los Medanos College

Students advocating for students

Who are the Los Medanos College Associated Students (LMCAS)?

LMCAS is a student governed organization that works to advocate for the needs of all LMC students.

Members of LMCAS are elected and appointed student representatives who organize and promote campus wide programs, protect student rights, and represent the student voice on campus shared governance committees.

LMCAS 2024-2025 Officers
Armon Gonzalez- President
Salvador Velazquez- Vice President
Maria Pelea- Treasurer
No Candidates- Commissioner of Campus Events
No Candidates-Commissioner of Publicity and Outreach


The Student Trustee is the student representative of the District colleges and serves as a nonvoting member of the District Governing Board.  

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Represent student voice for all students in the District (CCC, DVC, LMC, Brentwood Center and San Ramon Center)
  • Chair the Student Trustee Advisory Council composed of CCC, DVC, and LMC Associated Student Presidents, Chancellor, Advisors, and District Staff
  • Attend and participate in the monthly Contra Costa Community College District Governing Board Meetings at 6 pm
  • Participate in professional development and legislative visit

2024-2025 Student Trustee

HelenaHalena  Neyazi:
I am an active member of Los Medanos College serving as a Student Ambassador and mentor of the EOPS Program and utilizing my leadership skills to rebuild the Muslim Student Association where I serve as the President. I have also used my talents to lift up the Muslim community on Social Media. I am seeking to serve as your Student Trustee to bring representation as Muslim woman from Afghanistan, who wears a hijab. I want to demonstrate that students can do anything, if they work towards it. I am determined to put my education towards good use in serving students across the district.



  • LMCAS Application

    Requirements to JOIN LMCAS as a Senator

    • Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better & be enrolled in 5 or more units.
    • Complete LMCAS application packet.
    • Attend 2 LMCAS Senate Meetings
    • Interview and be confirmed by LMCAS
    • Participate in an Orientation, weekly scheduled meetings, host office hours, one (1) committee appointment, and attend LMCAS Sponsored events.

      LMCAS Senator Application

    Missed the application deadline to join LMCAS as a senator? It is not too late to make a difference.

    Serve as a Student Representative on Shared Governance Committee(s).
                                                                LMCAS Student Representative

  • LMCAS Forms


Student Civic & Voter Empowerment Act (AB 963)

The Student Voter Registration Act of 2003 (Elections Code sections 2145-2148) was implemented to ensure every California Community College (CCC) campus provides students with an opportunity to register to vote. 

Students are encouraged to check the Secretary of State's website for voter registration status and to find information for the county where your voter registration is active. 

For more information visit the Secretary of State's Students Vote Project