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Documents can be submitted electronically.
Documents can be scanned, or clear photos of documents are also accepted. Be sure to include both sides of the document if it is two-sided. In accordance with Federal law, electronically submitted documents will only be accepted from your official LMC student email account. Documents submitted from other email accounts will be immediately deleted sight unseen. Please note that many photo apps are backed up via online and cloud services. You may want to consider using apps that do not create backups in order to protect your privacy and sensitive information.

Forms are available electronically through InSite Portal under the Forms tile.

Intake services for new students, and appointments with the Veterans Services Coordinator for new and continuing students
will be available by phone or via Zoom during the following times:
Monday through Thursday 8:30am - 6:00pm
To schedule an appointment, please send an email to


Academic counseling appointments for all student veterans and dependents are hour-long sessions, and will be available by phone or via Zoom.
To schedule an appointment, please log in using your InSite username and password at this web page:


Appointments for Veterans Certifying Officials
To schedule an appointment, please contact our Veterans Resource Center.


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Information for new and returning students

If you are new to Los Medanos College, you should meet with the Veterans Services Coordinator for the new student intake process. During this session, you will complete the necessary steps to begin your educational experience. You will also have free access to ask any questions you have about how to utilize your benefits, and how to acclimate to being in college.

*Please click on the link to access the Military-Connected New Student Checklist.

Here, you will find important information including direct links to upload your Member Copy 4 DD214 and a copy of your VA Certificate of Eligibility.

If you are returning after an absence of two or more semesters, please follow these steps in order to utilize your benefits:

  1. Apply to Los Medanos College to obtain your student ID number for new students, or to re-activate your student account if you are a returning student at this page
  2. Obtain a copy of your DD214 (Member copy 4, or Service-2 with Character of Service)
  3. Obtain copies of all transcripts. Official, including military training transcripts should be ordered at this time as they will be needed to apply prior service credit. (Military transcripts with the exception of CCAF/AirAcademy may be ordered through JST/Joint Services Transcript
  4. Submit your VA Certification of Eligibility or proof that you have applied for VA education benefits at this webpage:
  5. Complete the LMC Matriculation process for eligibility for Priority Registration
    1. Online Orientation,
    2. English and math placement,
    3. Educational planning with an academic counselor,
  6. Apply for Financial Aid. Receiving GI Bill® Benefits does not block a student from completing a FAFSA and applying for additional aid. If approved, a student could be eligible for additional grants and educational benefits.
  7. Complete the LMC Veterans Semester Enrollment Certification Request Form to certify your benefits after you register for your classes. This form must be submitted each semester and/or anytime you make changes to your schedule. The Veterans Semester Certification Form can be accessed through InSite under the LMC Student Forms Tile.

New Self-Reporting Requirement for Ch. 33 Students (Post-9/11 GI BILL®)

All LMC student veterans using Ch. 33 benefits are required by the VA to self-verify your continued enrollment in class each month.

Students can opt-in with VA for text messaging verification. Students who do not opt-in to text messaging  will be automatically enrolled in email verification and sent an automated email on the last day of the month.

Students who opt out of text and email may call the Education Call Center (ECC) at 888-442-4551 to verify their enrollment status.

Additional Information

Los Medanos College is approved for the training of veterans, dependents of deceased veterans, and children of disabled veterans under applicable federal and state laws administered by the Veterans Administration and the State Department of Veterans Affairs. Eligibility for benefits under any of these programs is determined by the appropriate federal or state agency. The College will make necessary certifications of enrollment and progress for such eligible students and will assist students in planning their program of study. Certification of attendance depends upon the student’s being registered in the College, being actively enrolled in courses, and requesting such certification.

Priority registration appointments are available by request to active military personnel and to veterans discharged within two years preceding the term of enrollment. Contact the Office of Admissions & Records at (925) 473-7500 or email us at

Veterans Certifying Official Information

VA Education (GI Bill®) Services are handled by the LMC School Certifying Officials. You can contact our Veterans Resource Center for questions regarding certification 

Only courses that meet requirements for the major and degree objective indicated on the veteran student’s record will be certified for payment of benefits. A change in educational objective requires that the student complete a new evaluation. Los Medanos College is approved to certify for an associate degree or a certificate of achievement, as listed in the catalog, or for transfer majors approved for UC and CSU only.

Veterans are cautioned that some courses are less than a semester in length and benefits are paid according to time and load.

To request certification of benefits or request change in certification, please click on the Veteran's Enrollment Certification Request & Change Notification Form.

Blue Ribbon Counseling Services for Veterans

The LMC Counseling Department offers priority counseling appointments to veterans in 5 business days. Student educational plans are required for all veterans.

Fall or Spring Terms Rate of Pursuit:

Chapters 30, 32, 35, 1606, and 1607 rate of pursuit (RoP)
12 credits or more are full time
9-11 credits are ¾ time
6-8 credits are ½ time
4-5 credits are less than ½ time(<½-time)
1-3 credits are ¼ time or less(<¼-time)

Chapter 33 rate of pursuit (RoP)
VA calculates rate of pursuit (RoP) by dividing the credit hours (or credit hour equivalents) being pursued by the number of credit hours considered to be full-time by the school. The resulting percentage is the student’s RoP. 

The Chapter 33 housing allowance is paid if RoP is more than 50%. 

Summer Session Rate of Pursuit:

VA converts credit earned during nonstandard quarters or semesters to equivalent credit hours. VA makes the conversion, not schools. LMC will report your actual units pursued.

VA uses this formula to determine your payment:
Credit × 18 ÷ weeks = credit hour equivalents.

4 semester credits earned in 4 weeks is the equivalent of 18 credits earned during a standard semester (4 × 18 ÷ 4 = 18) and will pay full-time for 4 weeks.

Veteran students must report any change in academic program to the Office of Admissions & Records immediately. Failure to report changes, such as withdrawal from courses or from the college, will be interpreted as a violation of the Educational Benefits Act.

Student Veterans Interested in the LMC Nursing Program

Please note, you cannot declare Nursing as your major until you have been accepted into the LMC Nursing Program. For students wishing to pursue the LMC Nursing Program, you must first do the following: 

  • Apply to LMC
  • Complete the program prerequisites
  • Apply to the Nursing Program during the designated application period

For more information regarding prerequisites and the application process, please visit LMC Nursing webpage and review the Nursing Applicant Handbooks. The LMC Nursing webpage can be accessed at this link:

LMC Graduation Requirements

A GPA of 2.0 is required to meet graduation requirements. A veteran or eligible person whose GPA falls below the required minimum average will be placed on academic probation for a maximum of two semester/terms. If the veteran or eligible person does not improve his/her GPA to the required minimum by the end of this period, their veterans benefit payments will be terminated. Additionally, repeated withdrawals from courses may also result in unsatisfactory progress. Unsatisfactory progress of two semesters/terms will also result in the termination of benefits.

Six elective semester units will be granted toward the associate degree for honorably discharged veterans, provided that elective credit applies toward the student's educational objective. The credit will be granted upon verification of completion of a basic or recruit training program with the U.S. Armed Forces.

LMC Library Veterans Research Guide 

Additional information may be obtained from the Office of Admissions & Records by calling (925) 473-7500 or from the Veterans Administration Regional Office, San Francisco, 1-800-827-1000.

The Los Medanos College Veterans Resource Center opened on April 29th, 2016. The greater LMC community gathered to officially open the Center at a grand opening - photos and story are located to the right. LMC student veterans played a major role in gathering the interest and support for the new Center. We appreciate the financial support of Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Fund and Pacific Gas & Electric, as their support has been crucial in helping the Center come to fruition. Our student veterans, faculty, staff and administrators look forward to providing a vibrant resource to help ensure the success of LMC student veterans for years to come.

LMC Veterans Club
LMC Veterans Club participating in the 2016 Veterans Day Parade with the City of Antioch