LMC Athletics

Dear Student Athlete,

Welcome to Los Medanos College and our Intercollegiate Athletic Program. LMC has a proud tradition of winning teams and successful athletes who have followed their dreams of college graduation, transfer to four year colleges, and career success. 

Just as you are part of a team here at LMC, our faculty and staff want to “team up” to offer you the best instruction and support possible, to help you achieve your academic goals. We encourage you to take advantage of the college resources available to you and to let us help you “win” in the classroom, as well as on the playing field. We look forward to helping you round out your educational experience with a winning season ahead.

Go ‘Stangs!

Athletic Philosophy

Los Medanos College is an open door institution dedicated to meeting the educational needs of East Contra Costa County residents.  The athletic program at LMC is designed to supplement and enhance the total educational experience of student athletes.  The program is governed by the Code of the California Community College Commission on Athletics and the Constitution of the Bay Valley Conference.  

Los Medanos College Mustangs Athletics logoOur philosophy is to:

  • Provide for the safety and welfare of the student as a primary concern;
  • Assist the student athlete in attaining his/her educational goal;
  • Be recognized as part of the college’s total educational program;
  • Be characterized by the highest levels of professional instruction and supervision;
  • Provide opportunities for individual growth and development;
  • Insure an opportunity for student athletes to achieve excellence;
  • Provide equal opportunity to all members of the college community;
  • Maximize opportunities for participation by the maximum number of students;
  • Aspire to achieve and maintain high levels of athletic performance within a moral and ethical framework;
  • Maintain the goal of cooperation within and among the various intercollegiate sport offerings;
  • Provide the best possible equipment and facilities;
  • Involve community, parents, faculty, friends and other students, as well as the coaches and athletes themselves; and
  • Strive to make each student athlete’s experience a positive, healthful and enjoyable part of his/her college life.

Photography above provided courtesy of Cathie Lawrence, LMC Experience photo editor