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  • I am a Graduating High School Senior
  • I am a Parent/Guardian of a HIgh School Student

    Frequently Asked Questions

    At Los Medanos College, our focus is on student success. That means providing quality courses and programs, as well as student-friendly services to support the academic and career goals of all of our students. All of us at LMC are here to help your son or daughter explore, establish, and reach his or her goals. You, as parent, are an important partner in that journey - and we're here to support you in that role.

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    • How will you help my student with the high school to college transition

      We are focusing our energy on improving the success of first-year students, recognizing that students who do well early in their college career are much more likely to persist in college. With activities including Registration Workshops, Freshman Orientation, and Summer Bridge, LMC is committed to welcoming and preparing your student for a positive college experience.

    • How can my son/daughter make the most of his/her college experience

      Students who are integrated academically as well as socially are more likely to reach their educational goals. All students are encouraged to join academic support programs, learning communities, student government, clubs, and athletics that reflect their interests. There are also organizations and clubs for students pursuing specific majors. Joining these groups can lead to excellent opportunities for both personal and academic support, and can help students make their transition to college more enjoyable. 

    • What other services will you provide for my student? 

      LMC has many FREE support services for students, including:

      • Academic and career counseling
      • Career Services
      • Counseling Center
      • Math Labs
      • On-campus employment services
      • Services for students with disabilities
      • Tutoring
    • Why is the placement assessment important? 

      To ensure student success, it is important for new students to start in classes that reflect their abilities. We use placement assessment to determine the best English and math classes for students to begin their college coursework. These areas are critical to success in any program at LMC. Starting students in the correct classes enables students to reach their academic goals. For more information on placement assessment, please visit assessment website

    • How much is college going to cost us? 

      Our tuition is a great bargain—just $46 per unit. A student must take at least 12 units to be considered full time, but can take fewer (or more) if desired. In addition, it costs $40 to purchase a semester parking pass, and each student must purchase books and supplies according to the requirements of their scheduled classes. To assist with tuition and other costs associated with college, all students are encouraged to apply for federal financial aid services.

      Our Scholarship Office provides students with information regarding scholarship opportunities and assistance in the scholarship application process.

    • What is financial aid and why is it important? 

      Most students do not realize that they may be eligible for financial aid. Financial aid consists of both federal and state options including scholarships, grants, student loans, and student work-study programs. Your son/daughter must reapply for financial aid every year. It is extremely important to apply for financial aid as early as possible.

      For more information on financial aid, how to apply, and other important things you and your son/daughter need to know visit the financial aid website.

    • What degrees does Los Medanos College offer?
    • What if my student doesn't have  a major?

      Your student is not alone. Most students change their major at least three times while they are in college. All students are required to take general education classes that will apply to many degrees. LMC is a great place to explore majors by taking introductory classes.

    • Will classes transfer?

      Our classes do transfer. Many LMC students transfer to four-year colleges and universities! Remind your student to meet with an academic advisor each semester to discuss transfer plans and choose appropriate coursework, and to visit our Transfer Programs & Services to make appointments with representatives from a wide variety of four-year colleges and universities.

    • Why can't I see my student's educational record (FERPA)?

      FERPA stands for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. FERPA was enacted to protect student privacy and to provide for the right to inspect and review education records. We will not release any of your student’s information to anyone other than your student. If your student agrees to give you access to his/her information, he/she must complete the appropriate paperwork in the Admissions and Records Office each semester. Go to the following site to find more detailed information about FERPA.

    • How do I contact my son/daughter in the event of an emergency? 

      Cell phone usage during class can be distracting to other students. Most instructors request that students shut off cell phones during class.

      In the event of an emergency, family members who need to contact a student can call Campus Police at (925) 473-7332. Once Campus Police determines an emergency exists, an officer will make contact with the student in class.

    • Is the campus safe? 

      Yes, our campus is very safe! The safety and security of your son or daughter is of the utmost importance to us. A police officer is on duty 24/7. A Campus Crime Awareness Report can be found on our district web site.