Welcome High School Students

 Summer Bridge Program

Summer Bridge 2018

SESSION A: June 19 - June 29

 SESSION B: July 10 - July 20

Applications for Summer Bridge 2018 are now being accepted. Eligible applicants are recent 2018 high school graduates.


Summer Bridge Program Overview

Join us for an unforgettable experience and receive a boost for college. This free two-week program prepares incoming students for a comprehensive college experience that focuses both on academic and social success. Meet potential classmates--both new and current students--as well as faculty, staff and administrators. Ask questions and get answers! Career exploration and academic activities will help you develop successful strategies for future college success.


  • Learn to navigate college services
  • Explore a variety of careers
  • Enhance group and social skills
  • Gain study skills, time management skills, and test-taking strategies
  • Tour a four year college campus
  • Connect with learning communities
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Q. What is the SUMMER BRIDGE Program?
A. The Summer Bridge Program is a two-week long program that prepares incoming students for a comprehensive college experience that focuses on both academic and social success.

Q. What does the SUMMER BRIDGE Program offer?
A. The Summer Bridge Program is an academic review and support program that includes the following activities:

  • Navigate college services: introduction to academic programs, advising, tutoring, and placement testing
  • Gain study skills, time management, and test taking strategies
  • Explore careers
  • Improve social skills
  • Campus/cultural trips, which include exposure to successful entrepreneurs, educators and business people in a variety of career fields

Q. How do I apply?


Q. Who is eligible for the SUMMER BRIDGE Program?
A. Students need to be recent high school graduates, have completed the college’s assessment process, and plan to enroll at LMC in the fall semester. Students must commit to the entire two-week program, be on time and attend daily.