Meet Our Outreach Ambassadors

Group photo of Welcome Services ambassadors

As Student Ambassadors with Outreach, Assessment, and Welcome Services we welcome prospective students and their families to Los Medanos College and provide information regarding LMC’s programs and services. We also assist with orientations, high-school visits, campus tours, and other special events. We are proud to represent the college and we want to get future students excited about attending Los Medanos too!

Daisy Ruiz

Daisy RuizMajor: Nursing
High School: Pittsburg

Hi! My name is Daisy Ruiz. I graduated from Pittsburg High School in June 2017 and this is my second year at Los Medanos College. I am an engineering major and plan to transfer in fall 2020, but I am not quite sure where yet. I believe that LMC was the best choice for me because I was indecisive about what to study when I was going to graduate from high school. Along with being close to home and cheaper than other universities, LMC is a great investment, as going to a four year can get very expensive.

I am part of Transfer Academy, MESA, and I am a Student Ambassador here on campus. Being involved in all these programs allows me to interact with a lot of people and participate in events that I am very excited to be a part of.

 If you see me in the Welcome Center or Welcome Desk, feel free to say hi and ask any questions.

 Crystal AyalaCrystal Ayala

Major: Early Childhood Education
High School: Mount Diablo

 Hello! My name is Crystal Ayala. I graduated from Mount Diablo High School in 2016 and began attending Los Medanos in the Fall of 2016. This will be my second year as a student at Los
Medanos. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education and hope to transfer to a four year college in the spring of 2019.

When I first came to LMC, I wasn't sure if I made the right choice of attending community college, but being in the Transfer Academy has changed my perspective. It is more affordable, and I am able to find out more about universities that offer my major with the help of counselors, college tours, and university representatives. In my free time, I love to bake and watch movies.   

Melanie Lais

Jacob NeelMajor: Administration of Justice
High School: Albert-Schweitzer Schule

Hello. My name is Melanie and I graduated from high school in 2014, in Germany. This is my second semester at LMC as an Administration of Justice major. My goal is to be a police officer because I like challenges and the protection of people is important to me.

I decided to study at LMC because it is close to home, and it is also more affordable than attending a four year university.

As a Student Ambassador I meet and interact with a lot of people and it helps me to grow as a person. I also have the opportunity to participate in events, which is a lot of fun! If you have any questions feel free to stop by and ask me anything!

 Kenneth PradoKenneth

Major: Psychology
High School: Freedom

Hi there! My name is Kenneth Prado, and I graduated from Freedom High School in 2016. I'm coming up on my second year at LMC with the intention of becoming a psychology major. With my major, I want to become a school counselor or a clinical psychologist. But more importantly, I want to have an impact in my community to make a difference in the hearts of people’s lives no matter how big or how small. I like to associate myself with positive people and make connections to help guide me on my path to becoming the very best I can be. An example of that choice is my involvement with a club at LMC known as La Raza, a club which is all about connection and building ourselves up through each other.

Furthermore, because of the connections that I have, I’ve grown closer to the school itself and I’ve acquired the knowledge to simply do things such as to study, build, and adapt to make my worth known to the community. In my down time, I like to dance because it takes what I mentioned before of building on what style or what music I dance to, characterizing who I am and setting myself apart from the rest. 

 Bryan Reynoso

Ambassador BryanMajor: Psychology
High School: Freedom

Hi! My name is Bryan Reynoso and I graduated from Freedom High School in 2015. Throughout my education here at LMC I’ve been exploring both a psychology and a biology major but ultimately decided to stick with psychology. My ultimate goal is to become a college counselor while at the same time counseling underrepresented communities through a non-profit.

Here at LMC I've been exposed to various opportunities including being part of the Honors program, President of La Raza Unida, and also being a student ambassador. These opportunities have helped me develop my academics and my personal life in positive ways.  

Being an ambassador is especially rewarding because my job is to help inform my fellow colleagues and community members about the various pathways and opportunities LMC has to offer. I personally enjoy helping others and hopefully changing their lives in positive ways. 

Gabriel Miranda

Ambassador Gabriel

Major: Administration of Justice
High School: Calexico

Hey there! My name is Gabriel Miranda, and I graduated from Calexico High School in 2018. I am currently in my first semester of college here at Los Medanos. I will receive an AA in Administration of Justice at LMC and transfer to UCI to Major in Criminology. My goal is to become a special agent for the FBI. I want to work in the criminal field because I want to protect people and their rights. I've always been involved in leadership for the same reason, because I enjoy helping others as well as building relationships.

The reason I became a student ambassador was to become more involved with the school, but at the same time I get to develop skills that will help in the near future when applying for universities, scholarships, and even a job. By being an ambassador I get to work closely with classified professionals, as well as other students. We focus on serving LMC students and providing the assistance they need.

I wish you all a great semester, and don't be afraid to ask questions, we're here to help! 

Saray Sanchez                                                 Student Ambassador Ally

Major: Sociology & Psychology
High School: Pittsburg

Hello! My name is Saray Sanchez and I graduated from Pittsburg High School back in 2017. I’m double majoring in Sociology and Psychology and I plan to transfer to either UC Santa Cruz or San Jose State University by fall 2019. With my major, I plan to become an academic counselor or a family counselor. Coming to LMC was the best choice for me because I was able to find out what I wanted to study, since I was lost about what I wanted to major in. I also saved a lot of money and I was close to home.
I am part of the Transfer Academy which has helped me with my whole transfer plan. This learning community has been the reason why I am doing so well here in community college and I totally recommend joining.
Whenever you pass by the Welcome Center or Information Desk feel free to say hi or ask any questions and I'll be glad to help!

Thyra Cobbs

Ambassador Thyra

 Major: Sociology & Psychology
High School: Heritage 

 Hello! My name is Thyra Cobbs. I graduated from Heritage High School in 2018. This is my first year at LMC and I am majoring in Psychology and Sociology. I plan to transfer to a UC in 2 1/2 years, minor in African American studies and eventually, earn my doctorate. I am a student ambassador and a peer mentor. As far as learning communities, I am apart of Umoja, EOPS, and soon to be, Honors. I chose LMC because it's cheaper and it is a great way for me to get familiarized with higher education, as college is foreign to my family. I get to meet new people and push myself to do things I thought I could never do.

I hope to be a psychiatrist and to also conduct my own psychological/sociological studies and even write about my findings. I've chosen this career path because I am a person of equality and change. I also believe that doing what you love allows you to be successful. I am very resourceful and social, so if you see me around campus, feel free to say hello!

Tam Pham

Ambassador TamMajor: Automotive Technology
High School: Freedom

Hi! My name is Tam Pham. I graduated from Freedom High School in June 2018 and this is my first semester at Los Medanos College. I am an Automotive Technology major and plan to get my associates degree in two to three years. I believe that LMC was the best choice for me because I was indecisive about what to study before graduating high school, along with being close to home, and cheaper than other universities. Also LMC is a great investment since going to a four year can get very expensive and other Universities might not offer the same courses in Automotive Technologies

Although this is my first semester at LMC, I took part in the Summer Bridge Program and was enrolled in the College Success class as a high school student. Also, I am now a Student Ambassador, and am in the Mustang Ambassador Club. Being involved in all these programs will allow me to interact with a lot of people and participate in events that I am very excited to be a part of.

 If you see me in the Welcome Center or Welcome Desk, feel free to say hi and ask any questions.    

Tiffany Lynch

Ambassador Tiffany

Major: Liberal Arts: Behavioral & Social Sciences
High School: Deer Valley

Hi! My name is Tiffany Lynch. I graduated from DV in June 2018. This is my first year as a student at LMC. I plan to graduate from LMC in the year 2020 and then transfer to the Academy of Arts to study fashion design, retail and merchandising!!!!

I chose to attend Los Medanos College because it was affordable and close to home. I have learned to love this school even though I just started. I’m part of the Umoja program, Black Student Union (BSU), and a student ambassador in Outreach!!!

Christian Pickron 

Ambassador Richard Major: Psychology
High School: Deer Valley                                                                                                                     

Hey! My name is Christian Pickron and I graduated from Deer Valley High School in June 2018. This is my first semester at Los Medanos College and I am majoring in psychology. What I plan to become is a probation officer and work in juvenile institutions. The reason why is I feel as though I would be able to have a real impact on the kids and be a positive role model for them.

Being from Antioch/Pittsburg I have always thought and heard negatively about LMC. Now that I’m attending, I see all that LMC has to offer and brings to the table. LMC has tons of resources and amazing programs to help their students stay on track. For example I am involved in Umoja Scholars, Brothers of Excellence, and I’m also a Student Ambassador.

LMC is also very affordable and close to home. Studying here has taught me a lot about colleges and Universities and on how to conduct myself on a more professional level. Being in the amazing programs that I am in will allow me to network with a lot of people and participate in events that I’m eager for.  

Jonathan Trejo Vera

Ambassador Jonathan

Major: Business Administration
High School: Mount Diablo

Hello! My name is Jonathan Trejo Vera. I graduated from Mount Diablo High School in 2017.  I began attending Los Medanos in fall of 2017 and am currently in my third semester here.  I am majoring in Business Administration and hope to graduate by Spring of 2019.  Shortly after, I hope to transfer and obtain my Bachelors degree in Business. I am also the president and co-founder of United By Dreams which is a club here at Los Medanos, and I was also part of the Puente learning community and Puente Club.

I decided to attend Los Medanos College because it was a bit more affordable than attending a four year,  which I think was the best choice I’ve made. Here at Los Medanos I have the chance to grow as a student and as an individual, not only by becoming more involved with clubs and school activities but by accepting the role of higher education in my life. In my free time I like to spend time with my friends and family because I believe they are a huge part of who I am.

 Alexis Brinson

Ambassador Alexis

Major: Biology
High School: Liberty

Hello! My name is Alexis Brinson and I’m a Biology major here at Los Medanos College. I graduated from Liberty High School in spring of 2016 and began my college journey here at Los Medanos in fall of 2016. I plan on transferring to Emory University in fall of 2019 and continuing my path as a biology major to pursue my goal of becoming an Ecologist. I’m very passionate about building a more sustainable future and making this planet as environmentally friendly as it could be.

Since starting my journey here at Los Medanos I can definitely say this was the right choice for me. Through LMC I’ve been introduced to more great programs, opportunities, friends, and professors than I would’ve ever thought. I’ve joined programs like EOPS, Umoja, and Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society (AGS), which have all provided me an opportunity to learn in diverse ways and connect with new people. Outside of campus I spend my time channeling my creativity into something like creating art or working on blog ideas while listening to music. 

Richard Preza

Ambasador RichardMajor: Biology
High School: Pittsburg

Greetings! My name is Richard Preza and I graduated from Pittsburg High School in 2018. This is my first year here at Los Medanos College as a Biology major and I hope to transfer to my dream school, either UC Davis or John Hopkins University. The main reason I’m a Biology major is that I want to be an orthopedic surgeon or a pediatrician in the future.

The reason I decided to go to LMC was because it was way cheaper compared to a four-year institution and I was close to home. Also, I’m part of the Puente program and a Student Ambassador at LMC. Being involved in these programs really helped me get out of my comfort zone, such as interacting with people and participating in clubs and events. It also helped me to have that relationship with the staff.

In my free time, I love hiking, dancing and playing soccer. I love doing all that because I don't think about work or school which helps me relax.

Esperanza Rojas

Ambassador Esperanza

Major: Administration of Justice
High School: Liberty

Hi everyone! My name is Esperanza Rojas. I graduated from Liberty High School in June 2017 and began attending Los Medanos in fall 2017. I am a Sophomore now, majoring in Administration of Criminal Justice with an intended certificate in Spanish. My ultimate goal is to become a School Resource Officer in the Brentwood  school district.

My involvement in the Brentwood community has included being a part of the Brentwood Police Explorers program for 5 years,  theTeaching Learning & Careers Academy for 3 years in high school, the American Association of Criminal Justice Club on campus, and the Honors Program, as well as holding an officer position in Outreach ambassador for the honors club.

It is important to always keep a goal while attending college because you will soon find many ways to achieve that goal.  I know it might sound like I was involved with a lot and it might have sounded time-consuming, but college is all about how involved you will be in order to better present yourself to others. By setting the right example to different crowds, it will build connections for you but might motivate other students to get involved too. I have plans to transfer in Spring 2020, but I am not sure where I would like to transfer yet, and that is ok! Not everyone will know where they want to go, and its perfectly fine because it's up to you to find the place where you're the most comfortable.

Rocio Perez

Major: Studio Arts  Rocio
High School: Freedom

Greetings! My name is Rocío Perez and I graduated from Freedom High School in 2016. I am currently in my third and last year at Los Medanos College. I am looking to transfer Fall 2019 to UC Davis to study art. I am not sure what I specifically want to do with my major, but I am interested in possibly going for interior design.

My original plan was to go to a four-year university right after high school, but due to financial reasons ended up coming here to LMC. I am very happy I made this decision because LMC offers a great quality education at a very affordable cost.

I am also in a club here on campus called La Raza Unida, which focuses on individual growth, connections, and celebrates the LatinX culture. I am very excited to be involved in the LMC community to create connections and to grow as an individual at the same time.

I work at the assessment center, so feel free to drop by anytime if you have any questions!