International Students

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International Students

We are pleased that you are interested in exploring what Los Medanos College has to offer. Los Medanos College is a diverse, fully accredited, full-service community college, which serves about 11,000 students each semester. We offer a comprehensive transfer program for students who wish to pursue baccalaureate degrees, associate degrees, and certificates of achievements. 

Honors Welcomes International Students

Los Medanos College's prestigious Honors Program guarantees its high achieving members an enhanced academic experience at LMC and offers benefits such as:
transfer partnerships with top universities, exclusive enrollment privileges into Honors courses, and Transcript Notation of your Honors coursework.

Requirements to apply for the Honors Program:
1) Provide a personal statement of 250 words located within the International Student Application that speaks to why you would like to join the LMC Honors Program?
2) Provide writing sample of 500 word essay in English located within the International Student Application on selected topic
3) Provide a letter written in English from of your recent teachers which discusses the following: academic accomplishments and abilities, (especially in comparison to other students in your class/school), work ethic/motivation and maturity level, ability to read and write in English at College level and other information that may be relevant to your ability to succeed in the Honors Program

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Interested in learning more about all that Los Medanos College has to offer? Request for a personalized web greeting session to learn more about LMC and how we can support you in your academic journey.

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English Proficiency Requirement

English Proficiency: Student's must have a certain level of English proficiency to be successful at LMC. This requirement may be demonstrated by submitting OFFICIAL documents from one of the following :

English assessments must have been within the last two (2) years

5.0 (minimum band scores of 4.5)
International Education Center (IEC)
Advanced B Certificate
ELS Language Center
Level 109 (Advanced)
Cambridge English Assessment
UC Davis Extension- Intensive English Program
Completion of Level 600 ( with 3.0 GPA)
International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
Pass 4 exams, one of which must be English
General Certificate of Education
 Completion of Level 0 (must include English)
Citizen of country or territory where English is an official and/or major language
 Provide transcript
Successful completion of College Level English course at  US College/University
 Provide transcript

Citizens of countries and territories where English is an official and/or major language may be exempt from this requirement. Contact us for more information 

Degrees and Certificates         

Depending on the major, you may choose to earn an Associate Degree or a Certificate of Achievement. Most LMC majors are “open” to any student. The Registered and Vocational Nursing, Fire Academy and Law Enforcement Academy however, require application to the programs after completion of specific prerequisite courses. 

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