LMC Programs of Study

Los Medanos College provides our community with equitable access to educational opportunities and support services that empower students to achieve their academic and career goals in a diverse and inclusive learning environment. 

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For all certificates and degrees, it is recommended that you consult an LMC counselor to develop your education plan.

CNC = Certificate of Competency (non-credit)
CSC = College Skills Certificate

CA = Certificate of Achievement
AA = Associate of Arts Degree
AS = Associate of Science Degree
AAT = Associate of Arts Degree for Transfer
AST = Associate of Science Degree for Transfer  

Degree CNC CSC CA Associate
Administration of Justice  (website) (degree)         AS-T
Basic Law Enforcement Academy Intensive         
Criminal Investigations         
Criminal Law         
Anthropology (degree)       AA-T
Art (website) (degree)        
3D Design         
Art History       AA-T
Fine Arts        AA
Graphic Communications         AA
Studio Arts       AA-T
Automotive Technology (website) (degree)        AS
Air Conditioning Specialist         
Chassis Specialist         
Automotive Diesel Specialist         
Automotive Certificate of General Maintenance         
Advance Performance Engine Builder         
Powertrain Specialist         
Smog Technician Specialist         
Transmission Specialist         
Biology  (website) (degree)     AS-T
Business (website) (degree)        
Accounting        AS
Business Administration 2.0       AS-T
Business Information Professional Level I         
Business Information Professional Level II         
Small Business Operations      AS
Chemistry (website) (degree)     AS-T
Communication Studies (website) (degree)     AA-T
Computer Science (website) (degree)       AS-T
Computer Support Specialist       AS
Computer Support Specialist (Advanced)         
Computer Support Specialist (Basic)         
Game Design         
Information Technology        AS
Information Technology (Advanced)         
Information Technology (Basic)         
Web Design         
Construction (website) (degree)        
Construction Pre-Apprenticeship         
Drama (website) (degree)        
Acting       AA
Theatre Arts       AA-T
Early Childhood Education (website) (degree)        
Assistant Teacher Permit Coursework         
Associate Teacher Permit Coursework         
Administration and Leadership of Early Childhood Programs         
Specialization: Early Childhood Education        AS-T
Specialization: Infant and Toddler Care and Education         
Specialization: Curriculum in Early Childhood Education         
Specialization: Children with Special Needs Early Care and Education         
Specialization:  Trauma Informed Practitioner         
Electrical/Instrumentation Technology (website) (degree)        
Electrical Technology        AS
Instrumentation Technology        AS
Transit Electrical Technology         
Emergency Medical Services (website) (degree)          
EMS Recertification         
Engineering (website) (degree)     AS 
English (website) (degree)      AA-T
Creative Writing         
Hip-Hop Studies         
English as a Second Language (website) (degree) (degree non-credit)        
Advanced English for Academic & Professional Advancement          
Basic Vocabulary & Reading          
College ESL Success          
Essential Pronunciation & Conversation          
Foundational Writing Skills          
Intermediate English for College & Career Success          
Ethnic Studies (website) (degree)       AA
Fire Technology (website) (degree)        AS
Basic Fire Academy           
Fire Prevention         
Fire Protection         
History (website) (degree)       AA-T
Humanities (degree)       AA
Journalism (website) (degree)       AA/AA-T
Kinesiology (website) (degree)       AA-T
Liberal Arts (website) (degree)        
Arts and Humanities        AA
Behavioral Science and Social Science        AA
Math and Science        AA
Logistic Operations (website) (degree non-credit)        
Logistics & Warehouse Operations         
Management and Supervision (website) (degree)        AS
Mathematics (website) (degree)        AS-T
Music (website) (degree)        AA/AA-T
Nursing (website)        
Registered       AS
Philosophy (website) (degree)        AA-T
Physics (website) (degree)        AS-T
Political Science (website) (degree)       AA-T
Law, Public Policy & Society        AS-T
Process Technology (website) (degree)         AS-T
Bridge to Advanced Manufacturing         
Psychology (degree)       AA-T 
Recording Arts (website) (degree)        AA
Recording Arts Level 1         
Recording Arts Level 2         
Social Justice Studies (website) (degree)        
African American Studies       AA-T
Chicano/a Studies       AA-T
LGBTQ Studies       AA-T
Sociology (degree)       AA-T
Transfer Studies         
CSU GE         
UAS/Drone Operations (website) (degree non-credit)        
Basic Drone Piloting         
Welding Technology (website) (degree)        AS
Welding Pre-Apprenticeship         
World Languages (website        
American Sign Language        AA
Spanish        AA-T