LMC Programs of Study

Los Medanos College provides our community with equitable access to educational opportunities and support services that empower students to achieve their academic and career goals in a diverse and inclusive learning environment. 

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CNC = Certificate of Competency (non-credit)
CSC = College Skills Certificate

CA = Certificate of Achievement
AA = Associate of Arts Degree
AS = Associate of Science Degree
AAT = Associate of Arts Degree for Transfer
AST = Associate of Science Degree for Transfer  

Degree CNC CSC CA Associate
Administration of Justice          AS-T
Basic Law Enforcement Academy Intensive         
Criminal Investigations         
Criminal Law         
Anthropology       AA-T
3D Design         
Art History       AA-T
Fine Arts        AA
Graphic Communications         AA
Studio Arts       AA-T
Automotive Technology        AS
Air Conditioning Specialist         
Chassis Specialist         
Automotive Diesel Specialist         
Automotive Certificate of General Maintenance         
Advance Performance Engine Builder         
Powertrain Specialist         
Smog Technician Specialist         
Transmission Specialist         
Biology       AS-T
Accounting        AS
Business Administration 2.0       AS-T
Business Information Professional Level I         
Business Information Professional Level II         
Small Business Operations      AS
Chemistry     AS-T
Communication Studies     AA-T
Computer Science       AS-T
Computer Support Specialist       AS
Computer Support Specialist (Advanced)         
Computer Support Specialist (Basic)         
Game Design         
Information Technology        AS
Information Technology (Advanced)         
Information Technology (Basic)         
Web Design         
Construction Pre-Apprenticeship         
College and Career Preparation         
Acting       AA
Theatre Arts       AA-T
Early Childhood Education        
Assistant Teacher Permit Coursework         
Associate Teacher Permit Coursework         
Administration and Leadership of Early Childhood Programs         
Specialization: Early Childhood Education        AS-T
Specialization: Infant and Toddler Care and Education         
Specialization: Curriculum in Early Childhood Education         
Specialization: Children with Special Needs Early Care and Education         
Specialization:  Trauma Informed Practitioner         
Electrical/Instrumentation Technology        
Electrical Technology        AS
Instrumentation Technology        AS
Transit Electrical Technology         
Emergency Medical Services          
EMS Recertification         
Engineering     AS 
English      AA-T
Creative Writing         
Hip-Hop Studies         
English as a Second Language        
Advanced English for Academic & Professional Advancement          
Basic Vocabulary & Reading          
College ESL Success          
Essential Pronunciation & Conversation          
Foundational Writing Skills          
Intermediate English for College & Career Success          
Ethnic Studies       AA
Fire Technology        AS
Basic Fire Academy           
Fire Prevention         
Fire Protection         
History       AA-T
Humanities       AA
Journalism       AA/AA-T
Kinesiology       AA-T
Liberal Arts        
Arts and Humanities        AA
Behavioral Science and Social Science        AA
Math and Science        AA
Logistic Operations        
Forklift, Logistics Operations & Wharehouse         
Management and Supervision        AS
Mathematics        AS-T
Music        AA/AA-T
Registered       AS
Philosophy        AA-T
Physics        AS-T
Political Science       AA-T
Law, Public Policy & Society        AS-T
Process Technology         AS-T
Bridge to Advanced Manufacturing         
Psychology       AA-T 
Recording Arts        AA
Recording Arts Level 1         
Recording Arts Level 2         
Social Justice Studies        
African American Studies       AA-T
Chicano/a Studies       AA-T
LGBTQ Studies       AA-T
Sociology       AA-T
Transfer Studies        
CSU GE         
Travel Marketing         AS
Cruise Specialist         
Home-Based Travel Specialist         
UAS/Drone Operations        
Basic Drone Piloting         
Welding Technology        AS
Welding Pre-Apprenticeship         
World Languages        
American Sign Language        AA
Spanish        AA-T