Campus Alert

As of March 18, 2020, all LMC classes and student support services will be delivered remotely.  College facilities remain closed to students until further notice.

In keeping with the “shelter-at-home” order issued on March 16 by Contra Costa and neighboring counties, Los Medanos College facilities – the Pittsburg Campus and Brentwood Center – will be closed to students, the public, and most employees to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure.  All face-to-face instruction and face-to-face support services have been suspended.  Aside from a limited number of personnel related to certain on-campus operations, employees will be working remotely to deliver ALL classes and support services via online format to students.  This will remain in effect from March 18 through April 7, or until the County order is extended, rescinded, superseded, or amended.

If they haven't done so already, your professors will be reaching out to you via email and/or Canvas to provide further guidance.  Please be sure to check your College email account often for any updates, and contact your professor right away via Canvas if you have not been contacted yet.

To reach one of our support services, please call (925) 473-7434 for assistance.  

There have been zero confirmed cases of students or employees with the coronavirus (COVID-19) at Los Medanos College or within the Contra Costa Community College District. 

We will continue to provide regular updates, including frequently asked questions, on the District Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates website.

How to access your online classes and other online class information

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    LMC lecture classes will be online starting Monday

    Beginning this Monday March 16, all lecture-based classes will be moving to remote instruction.  Your professors will be reaching out to you in the next few days via email and/or Canvas to provide further guidance.  Please be sure to check your college email account often for any updates, and contact your professor right away if you do not hear anything.  Lab, activity, and performance classes that require specialized spaces and equipment will meet onsite as regularly scheduled, unless your professor instructs you otherwise.



    Getting the word out in an emergency

    The decision to close the LMC campuses on Thursday was made after most of the campus was already closed on Wednesday evening. Our emergency communications systems were definitely put to the test.

    The great news

    Administrators arrived on campus Thursday morning to empty parking lots and a very quiet campus. For the vast majority of faculty, staff and students, the message was received remarkably well. We sent both emails and text messages, but since texts are generally more immediate for folks and many do not check email when they are not at work, text messaging is where we have chosen to focus our efforts.

    Please remember that whenever you change your telephone number, the district will not know unless you follow the steps below to change your number in the system.

    If you are one of the few who did not receive a text message, here’s what you can do:


    1.      Go to the Insite portal (links are on the top and bottom of the DVC homepage.)

    2.      Select InSite Portal, the Insite logo, or the link below the logo.

    3.      Enter your username and password and select log in.

    4.      Once into the portal, select “Manage My Security Settings” in the left column

    5.       Then select “Registered Phones” at the bottom

     Here you can add and remove telephone numbers. You will also have to select “OPT-IN for Text Messages from the College.” If you do not have your current phone on file, or if you don’t select OPT-IN, then you will not receive these critical messages.

    We hope to reach even more of you the next time we need to send an all-college message.  Please be assured that we will only use this messaging system to convey information of great importance to everyone.

    Thank you for helping us reach all of you with important information.