Mission Statement

Our Mission

Los Medanos College is a public community college that provides quality educational opportunities for those within the changing and diverse communities it serves. By focusing on student learning and success as our first priorities, we aim to help students build their abilities and competencies as lifelong learners. We create educational excellence through continually assessing our students’ learning and our performance as an institution. To that end, we commit our resources and design our policies and procedures to support this mission.

Our Vision

Los Medanos College provides the premier educational opportunity for East County residents, where learning matters most.

Our Values

Values remind us of what matters most. Los Medanos College is an educational community that cares deeply about learning, collaboration, effective communication, and engagement with our surrounding community.


Student learning and student success are the focal points of our college. We strive to create a dynamic environment that encourages lifelong engagement with academic and societal challenges. We value the importance of critical thinking, effective communication, ethical behavior and diversity. We engage in ongoing assessment to measure and improve student achievement and institutional effectiveness.


While we value the contributions of the individual, most of our endeavors require collaboration, communication, and cooperation. It is in working together that we spark creative and innovative approaches, build on each other’s ideas, and give mutual support. It is in collaboration that we learn to value multiple perspectives and resolve conflict in constructive ways.


Communicating clearly and effectively is critical to both student success and organizational effectiveness. We want our students to read critically and write clearly. We also want them to compose oral presentations that demonstrate poise, competence, and an understanding of new technologies. We want an organization that has clear decision-making processes that embody these same competencies and expresses them in consistent, unambiguous policies and procedures.


Our mission is to provide educational opportunities for the people that live in our surrounding communities. We must be responsive to changing needs and seek partnerships that promote the well-being of our diverse and growing communities.