Due to new legislation effective Summer/Fall 2019, all students will have the opportunity to take transfer level English and math by completing the MMAP. After January 25th, we will only be proctoring ESL Assessments.×

Placement for English, ESL, & Math Courses 

For those who have completed the 11th grade of high school or have a GED, completing the MMAP is the first step in the assessment process. Please complete prior to making an appointment for an assessment.

Click here to complete the Multiple Measures Assessment  (MMAP)
How to find your LMC Student ID #:

  • Go to, Click on the "InSite " image.
  • Click on the "InSite " image again.
  • Enter your InSite user name (ex: and password.
  • Click "My Class Schedule" on the left side menu. Your LMC Student ID # will be at the top.

Bring copies of your high school transcripts, AP test scores, and/or other college placement results

  • Your transcripts or other test results might offer you better placement than the assessment.
  • If you have taken English or math at your previous college, submit your official transcript to the Admissions Office

 Access Your Placement Scores via InSite

Please allow 2-3 business days for our office to process your placement. If you do not have both a math and English placement please make an appointment to take an assessment test.