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Housing Assistance

Bay Area Legal Aid - Phone (800) 551-5554) can provide pro-bono legal assistance to help families deal with an eviction, landlord-tenant issue, or a housing court date. Lawyers can work for free.

Eviction Defense Center - This is another firm with offices in Contra Costa County that may have free legal advice for income-qualified individuals and families. They also help by dealing with utility disconnections, refer tenants to rent assistance programs, help immigrants, and others. Dial (510 )452-4541

Pacific Community Services - If you have received an eviction notice to leave an apartment or home, this non-profit can provide guidance and advice. They may also have options on rent and/or government assistance, including ESG grants. Dial (925) 439-1056, or the mailing address is 329 Railroad Ave, Pittsburg, California 94565.

ECHO Fair Housing - only helps residents of Walnut Creek area. Free legal aid can help with eviction notices, unsafe housing, repairs, landlord disputes, and more. Dial (855) 275-3246.

Contra Costa County Non-Profit Rent Help

Concord Family Service Center / Catholic Charities of East Bay region - The non-profit provides low income and others who need help with access to a wide range of services and financial assistance. The resources include, but are not limited to, housing counseling, immigration assistance, counseling for homeowners facing foreclosure, emergency rental assistance, and much more.

They help single parents, the elderly, service economy workers, and others with rent and housing costs. There is also free or low-cost furniture for apartments, homeless shelters, and other short term accommodations.

Many programs from the church revolve around, providing support for housing issues to prevent homelessness. Several local charities are part of the organization. The main address is 3540 Chestnut Avenue, Concord, CA 94519, dial (925) 825-3099.

The homeless Hotline - can be reached at (800) 808-6444. This non-profit focuses on helping the currently homeless and those on the verge of being evicted and becoming homeless, whether from foreclosure or an eviction. It can help them find housing, pay rental deposits, and move into transitional housing.

Assistance for the currently homeless includes free motel vouchers or placement into shelters. The prevention aspect of the non-profit includes referrals to sources of funds for back rent to counseling and landlord/tenant mediation. The client needs a plan to get on track and pay future rental and utility costs on their own.

Contra Costa County Employment and Human Services
Call your local government office for general assistance. The funds can help with housing and rent expenses as well. There may be one-time assistance for a portion of a security deposit to rehouse a family or grants for back rent. Other case management is provided too.

  • 4545 Delta Fair Boulevard
    Antioch, California 94509
    Phone number - (877) 505-4630
  • 400 Ellinwood Way
    Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
    Phone number - (877) 505-4630
  • 1305 MacDonald Avenue
    Richmond, CA 94801
    Phone number - (877) 505-4630
  • 151 Linus Pauling Drive
    Hercules, California 94547
    Phone number - (877) 505-4630
  • 151 Sand Creek Road, Suite A
    Brentwood, CA 94513
    Phone number - (877) 505-4630 

Referrals may be provided by any of these charities and non-profits in the Contra Costa County region. There may be either direct cash assistance or advice and referrals.

Catholic Charities of East Bay

  • Critical Family Needs (925) 825-3099
    General Assistance (Individuals) (925) 602-9379
  • CalWORKs (877) 505-4630
  • Consumer Credit Counseling (866) 889-9347 - Get advice and referrals from this non-profit.
  • Season of Sharing (925) 521-506 

Community Action Agency Agency (Community Services) - is a leading anti-poverty-fighting organization. Services range from energy bill help (LIHEAP) to advise on fighting evictions in housing court or energy conservation. Some information on emergency grants (for rent, mortgages, moving, etc.) may be offered. Continue with Contra Costa County Community Action.

Season of Sharing Contra Costa County – Families with dependent children (including single mothers or fathers) may be able to get assistance from this organization. There are conditions, including the family needs to be defined by welfare regulations as an unborn child and dependent when its mother is in her 6th month of pregnancy. They may even offer emergency rent help to single parents/pregnant mothers.

Children who are 18 but still in their last year of high school are also considered dependents and can qualify for financial aid for rental expenses. Dependents of the court, including emancipating 18-year-olds, seniors 60+, single battered women, and the disabled, can also apply for help, including rent and housing. Address is 400 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill, California 94523, (925) 521-5065

Two government-affiliated organizations are the Housing Authority of Contra Costa County, call (925) 957-8000), as well as Housing Authority of Pittsburg, California, dial (925) 252-4830. These locations can help people apply for government assistance such as cash grants, low-income public housing, senior assistance, or HUD Section 8 vouchers. They also have information on rent-subsidized housing as well as home buying services. Or learn more on Section 8 in California.

Contra Costa County Veterans - can get housing assistance from SSVF - Supportive Services for Veteran Families. Services range from help with moving costs to first months rent or application fees. There is also job placement, credit counseling, short term storage for possessions, and other housing support. Dial (510) 891-8773.

Contra County Society of Saint Vincent de Paul - is a faith-based church. Programs are for the poor, elderly, and vulnerable. One time rent help, funds for electric or water bills, food, clothes, and job programs are available. Any funds for housing, such as rent, or limited. More on rent help from St. Vincent in Contra Costa County.

Salvation Army of Concord - provides help for utility bills from REACH. This may be an option for Contra Costa County facing eviction from their home due to unpaid energy costs. Referrals may also be available to other resources, such as shelter or ESG grants for rental payments. The address is 3950 Clayton Rd, Concord, CA 94521, or dial (925) 676-6180.

Rapid Rehousing, - Eviction help and rent assistance are available from agencies in the Crisis Center network. The goal is to stop homelessness. Support ranges from motel or hotel vouchers in Contra Costa County to grants for a security deposit or rental help for single moms, the disabled, and families looking for an affordable apartment. More on Contra Costa County eviction and rehousing assistance.

Shelter - Offers homeless prevention programs. The case managers can refer clients, ranging from the working poor to disabled or veterans, to emergency rental assistance. They also provide guidance on relocating, case management, and more. Some Conta Costa families are provided no-interest loans for their rent arrears. The center is at 333 Willow Pass Rd., Concord, California. Call (925) 335-0698, or learn more on SHELTER in Contra Costa County.

Transitional and temporary housing services are available. This will require the client to pay some of their income for their rent and energy costs, but it provides the tenant time to gain stability. One non-profit is at (925) 338-1038.

Note: The Foundation is providing this information but is not responsible for their services.

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