Umoja Scholars Program

Benefits of the Umoja Program

Umoja Leadership Collective Club

Umoja Scholars LogoUmoja Scholars will have the option to join the Umoja Leadership Collective (ULC) club. The ULC gives interested students the opportunity to be active leaders on campus through planning community service projects, campus activities and events, and learn how to develop leadership skills. Students will be exposed to campus leaders and build valuable experiences that will enhance their college experience.

Tutoring Tutoring

Students have access to Umoja Scholars English and math tutors. Tutors attend the classes and are available to meet with students for private and small group tutoring outside of class.




Students have access to our Umoja Scholars counselor. The counselor works with each student to develop and check on the progress of their educational plan. We use an intrusive counseling model and early intervention system to keep students on track and give them the support they need to succeed.

Academic & Cultural Events

Students plan and participate in a number of activities and events throughout each semester. These include workshops, college trips, field trips, and community service activities.