Umoja Scholars Program

How the Umoja Scholars Program works

The following courses are offered through the Umoja Scholars program this year:

Fall 2022: ACS 010, English 100S, and other GE courses

Spring 2023: English 230, Math 110S & Math 110, and other GE courses

To join the program interested students must be enrolled as an LMC student, have completed the self guided assessment tests and have applied for the Umoja Scholars Program.

Once approved, Umoja Scholars will enjoy the benefits of registering for blocked Umoja classes in English, Math, ACS, and select GE courses; access to a full-time academic counselor; cultural activities; and leadership development opportunities.

Students who have already taken these sequence of courses are welcome to join the Umoja Leadership Collective (ULC) which is an officially chartered Los Medanos College club. Club membership will give students the opportunity to participate in Umoja Scholars events and activities, plan club events, and engage in leadership opportunities.

For more information contact: