English Lab & Offices

Where is the English department?Map of CC2

 We are on the second level of the main college complex (CC2), downstairs from the art department, journalism, and the theater. There you will find English faculty offices, the English computer lab (CC2-283), and the ESL computer lab (CC2-281).

Our students’ health and safety are our top priorities

In order to keep our students and employees as safe as possible during this time, the LMC Computer Lab is currently closed. We do plan to reopen Spring of 2022. Please check back in January 2022, for more information. 

The district policy requires proof of vaccination status or exemption in order to utilize in- person services. Please click here for more information: (4CD Vaccine Requirement)

Virtual/Online Support Services

During this time, our English Lab Coordinator is providing virtual assistance to students through phone, zoom appointments and e-mail (tmcewen@losmedanos.edu).To request a zoom meeting, please place "Zoom Appointment Request" in your email subject line. 

Contact Information and Hours

Tennille McEwen
English Lab Coordinator
(925) 473-7869; tmcewen@losmedanos.edu

Online Support Hours:
Monday through Thursday 9 am-2 pm. (extended hours may be offered for zoom/virtual appointments)

**Customarily, replies are received within an hour. However, due to the possibility of a higher volume of requested assistance, response times may take up to 24 hours. It is best to contact us by using your insite e-mail account. 

Tutoring Support Services

Please note: The Lab Coordinator provides non-tutoring support. If you are in need of tutoring or help with your English assignments, please follow this link to the Center for Academic Support.

If your professor has an in-class tutor assigned this semester, you will find the tutor's contact information in Canvas. In-class tutor schedules are listed below for your convenience.

Launch the tutoring schedule 

Tennille McEwen, English Lab Coordinator 

Please email to arrange zoom appointments or real time chat sessions. For faster response time, please place "appointment request" in your email subject line.  tmcewen@losmedanos.edu


 English Lab Policy (Lab Usage and Rules)

  • Priority use is for LMC-related coursework and college-related business.
  • Currently enrolled students are eligible to use all computer labs on campus. Proof of LMC ID will be required. 
  • Sign-in and sign-out are required when using the lab.
  • There is a 2-hour time limit when others are waiting. An unattended computer station for more than 10 minutes will be re-assigned.
  • Lab equipment should be used with proper care. Damage or misuse of the lab equipment in any manner will result in penalties and/or disciplinary actions.
  • Check the lab calendar or bulletin board for special notices. Labs may be closed during certain times for tests, lab maintenance or seminars.
  • No food or beverage is allowed inside the lab at any time.
  • 4CD’s Acceptable Technology Use Policy specifically prohibits the use of District computers in “attempting to defraud another, threatening physical harm to another, procuring or distributing obscene material in any form, or unlawfully harassing another”. Violations of the District’s Acceptable Technology Use policy will be reported and handled through the proper channels.
  • Minor children who are not LMC students, accompanied or unaccompanied, are not permitted in the computer labs.
  • Please be respectful of other students using the lab--keep noise to a minimum and no talking on cell phones.
  • Loud, disruptive, and/or abusive behavior on the part of the student will result in progressive disciplinary action including revocation or suspension of computer access privilege in the affected lab.

Lab Help

  • Lab staff is available for general guidance in computer usage.

Software Usage

  • Software provided by LMC can only be used in the lab. Copying, deleting or modifying the software/computer-setup is strictly prohibited.
  • All your documents must be saved onto your own removable media. You are responsible for the files on your own storage media.