Guided Self-Placement

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All Students will now have the opportunity to enroll in transfer-level coursework in English and Math starting in Summer/ Fall 2019. Students will be required to complete the online self guided assessment to determine recommended course placement. These changes are based on the implementation of new legislation called AB705.


Please make sure to report accurately, only two submissions per subject are permitted. Second submissions may require a high school transcript. Click the button below and log in as follows:

  • User name = your first initial + last name + last 3 digits of your LMC Student ID Number. Example: jsmith123
  • Password = your six digit birth date (mmddyy) for first login or your personal password you set up.

Students are required to submit an English,  ESL, and Math Guided Self-Placement to take these courses at LMC. Click the buttons below to begin your Guided Self-Placement.

English Placement Update (see below)

*Please note that English 100/100S will no longer be offered starting Fall 2024. Students will see English 100E as the replacement course for English 100/100S  starting with Fall 2024 enrollment. 

English and Math Guided Self-Placement

ESL Guided Self-Placement


Results from the online placement will be used to determine initial placement. Based on your placement results, if you do not have a placement or feel your placement doesn’t accurately reflect your skill level, please view placement alternatives. 

Bring copies of your AP test scores

  • Your AP scores might offer you better placement than the Online Placement.

Access Your Placement Scores via InSite Portal

Please allow 2-3 business days for our office to process your placement.