Information Technology & Services

Printing on Campus for Students

LMC campuses in Pittsburg and Brentwood provide open network printing access for students through the use of computer labs. At this time the service is free to LMC students for their instructional support needs. 

The following computer labs service printing free to students:

  • Brentwood Library
  • Brentwood Math lab (BRT-410)
  • Pittsburg Center for Academic Support (CO 3rd Floor)
  • Pittsburg Counseling, Transfer, EOPS open lab (SS 4th Floor)
  • Pittsburg English labs (CC-281, CC-283)
  • Pittsburg Library  (optional color and copy functions)
  • Pittsburg Math lab (1st Floor)
  • Pittsburg Mustang Center (SS 3rd Floor)
  • Pittsburg Science MESA lab (2nd Floor)
  • Pittsburg Student Union Open Lab (SU 2nd Floor)

Directions on how to send a document to print:

  1. From the student workstation you are using, print the document you need.
  2. The pre-configured printer will print the job to the lab area student printer(s).
  3. Go to the lab area's coordinator station, and the job will be released to you by staff.

Please be mindful that this service is free to you as a LMC student. Take care for the amount of and content that you are printing, to maintain a free and open service for everyone.