Information Technology & Services

Support Services Provided 

All requests for IT support can start with submitting a service ticket:


You will receive a confirmation email.
You can also check on the status of your help ticket by clicking the link above.

Computer and network support

LMC college device and data share support:

LMC Information Technology provides deployment and help support for all campus PCs, Tablets, Laptops, Chromebooks, along with MacOS and iOS systems. Support is also provided for domain infrastructure and file services. Please submit a ServiceDesk ticket, or call the LMC service desk  at 925-473-7767 (from on campus dial 37767).

Colleague / Email / InSite / Mitel Phones:

All 4CD colleges partner District wide for these listed services. LMC IT supports your application and phone needs on your College provided device.

If you are having an issue logging in and accessing your email account or have an issue with making phone calls or voicemail, please submit a ServiceDesk ticket, or if that is not possible call the District Helpdesk at (925) 229-6888 (from inside the campus dial 16888). 

Technology Procurement and New Deployment:

LMC IT maintains and evolves forward campus and district technology standards. New purchasing requests for technology devices and software must be made in collaboration with the LMC Technology Systems Manager through initiation from Managers, Deans, or Department Chairs.

Computer lab refresh process

Student computer labs:  

Student computer labs that traditionally are composed of physical PC or Apple hardware are going through process improvement stages for more timely turnaround of refreshing. Part of the LMC IT Core Server Infrastructure Project Plan, along with work in the LMC Technology Plan 2020-2025, identifies the need for operational changes and supportive technology platforms for new methods supporting student endpoint devices.

While this plan process and changes are in early stages, LMC IT continues working in collaboration with instructional computer lab leads to maintain the current deployment of operating systems and various application stacks in each lab. Constant maintenance of systems is an important support service. Please contact the LMC Technology Systems Manager about your needs for the computer lab you supervise.

Media Requests

Event setup & equipment requests:

All special events require a consultation with IT Audio/Video staff. To request classroom equipment or personnel support for a special event, click the following button to reserve IT support for your next campus event.

LMC Event Audio-Video Support Request

Please remember that your request must be submitted at least 5 work days prior to your delivery or event date (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are non-workdays for this purpose).