Center for Academic Support

Reading & Writing Consultations

To make an appointment, please refer to the Center for Academic Support home page. 

  • Center for Academic Support
  • College Complex, Level 3, Room CO-303
  • (925) 473-7590

Students can schedule a 30 minute appointment in person with the receptionist or call (925) 473-7591. For detailed schedule please go to our consultation schedule: pending

Students can make three appointments at a time.

Keep in Mind:

  • Students are expected to keep appointments made with consultants. If unable to keep an appointment, please cancel as soon as possible.
  • Please be aware that three missed appointments may result in termination of individual appointments for the semester.
  • Professors working in the center offer students one-on-one assistance with reading and writing assignments, in person and online. Appointments are recommended, but drop-in consultations are accepted on a space-available basis.