Center for Academic Support

Reading & Writing Consultations

Reading and Writing Consultations are now available for fall 2019

We are currently working on the Fall 2019 schedule and hope to have it online next week. In the meantime, please call the Center (number below) for more information. 

To make an appointment, contact: 

  • Center for Academic Support
  • College Complex, Level 3, Room CO-303
  • (925) 473-7590

Students can schedule a 30 minute appointment in person with the receptionist or call (925) 473-7590. For detailed schedule for Brentwood and Pittsburg, please go to our consultation schedule: pending

Students can make three appointments at a time.

Keep in Mind:

  • Students are expected to keep appointments made with consultants. If unable to keep an appointment, please cancel as soon as possible.
  • Please be aware that three missed appointments may result in termination of individual appointments for the semester.
  • Professors working in the center offer students one-on-one assistance with reading and writing assignments, in person and online. Appointments are recommended, but drop-in consultations are accepted on a space-available basis.