Center for Academic Support


Inside the Center for Academic SupportCenter for Academic Support is a comfortable, relaxing place where students can find collaboration and community.


Reading & Writing Consultations  


Reading and Writing Consultations will be available for summer session through July 23rd.

Face-to-Face Zoom Consultations

This service will allow you to make 25 minute appointments with consultants face-to-face. (or we could use the term live) Follow instructions to enroll and to make appointments. During Summer, the consultant schedule varies on a weekly basis, so please check the schedule provided. 

We highly recommend students use this service.  

Enroll in Live Consultations via Canvas

Email consultations  

Email Consultations will be available through 3:00pm July 23rd. 

Our consultants are available to provide asynchronous online reading and writing consultations for any LMC courses. 

Instructions for email consultations


This is an email service. Our consultants will provide you feedback via email. We anticipate a 24 hour response time (business hours). 


Peer Tutoring

PEER TUTORING services are not available  for summer session, 2020 starting May 22nd. Please check back in August. 

The Center is currently offering  synchronous content peer tutoring  via Zoom. To access this week's schedule and the peer tutoring  service please go to our Canvas page and enroll 

Enroll in the Canvas Peer Tutoring



Center for Academic Support: 


Reading and Writing Consultations are available for summer beginning Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 through July 23rd, 2020.

Please go to Live Consultations for schedule. 




Sandra Mills