Read, Write, Think

Welcome to English!

 We offer three types of English courses:

  • Composition & reading
  • Literature & creative writing
  • Student support courses

Composition courses are designed to develop your ability to write, read, and think critically at a college level. English 100 is required to get an AA/AS degree or to transfer, and some students take English 95 to prepare for English 100. We also offer a co-requisite course, English 100S.

Literature courses teach you to appreciate, analyze, and write about novels, short stories, poetry and drama. Creative writing courses focus on writing short stories, poetry, and/or plays. Student support courses include English 85 (Introduction to College Reading) and English 83 (Clarity and Style in Academic Writing).

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Be a part of a Learning Community!

A number of English classes are part of learning communities.

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Embedded Tutoring/Mustang Peer Mentors

Some English classes come with embedded tutors!

In the role as a Mustang Peer Mentor, your peers not only assist with instructor assignments, but can provide information about campus resources, opportunities and activities that will enhance your college experience. 

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