Professional Development & Learning

Learning Center - Library Room L215 


We're pretty excited to share this space with you for your professional development/learning activities. We think you're going to really like the bright colors, the new technology (see more about that below), and how everything can be moved where you need it! You can move the furniture around, up and down, in and out, and pull wipe-off flip charts off the walls! You can even write on the walls (well, some of them!)

We had a vision for a dedicated space for professional learning opportunities on the LMC Campus and we asked you at a Professional Learning and Development Summit to help create that vision. We began the planning and designing of the new Professional Learning Space which is now located in the Library in L-215. The space has opened and was first used by staff and faculty in spring, 2016. Many of your questions about use of the space, food in the space, technology and equipment "how-to's" in the space, etc. are included below.

To schedule the space for professional learning activities, You may schedule it on 25 Live. Please note that the space is specifically designed for Staff and Faculty groups engaging in professional development activities and is NOT intended for a student space. The space is only available for use during hours that the Library is Open. For more information, contact:

Mary Oleson
or Courtney Diputado at Ext. 37712
Room Capacity: 30
L-215 Telephone Extension: 37587

You will need a key to access the space. Please contact Mary Oleson to obtain a key. Ext. 37316 or

Important Notice: While food is allowed in the space, DO NOT HAVE ANY DELIVERIES MADE TO THE LIBRARY STAFF.

Closing the Room After Use:

  • Turn off ALL Equipment.
  • Put all supplies away.
  • Dispose of any garbage into receptacles provided in room.
  • Clean tables and surfaces as needed.
  • Return room to original configuration. (see below)

Interactive Technology:

The Professional Learning Space technology reflects the current smart classroom standard at LMC and includes the following: a short-throw interactive projector, touch screen control panel, and a PC teaching station.

Epson Brightlink Pro Projector Features:

  • Diagram of L215 LayoutTurns any surface into a collaborative space
  • Use the interactive pens or finger touch to annotate over the multiple display sources. Additional batteries can be found in the brown cabinet.
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) and connect to the projector wirelessly (pending) or with cables stored inside the computer cabinet. If you have specific needs, please contact Courtney Diputado.
  • Capture, save, and email annotated documents. Some features are pending.....
  • Split screen capability
  • Sharp, bright image display
  • Mobile Devices will be available for check-out (13" MacBook Pro, A Dell Venue 11" tablet, and a Dell Latitude 6540. Contact Mary Oleson: to check-out these items.

The Professional Learning space is not only a space designed to allow faculty and staff to practice using current classroom technology, but a space where new technologies are introduced and piloted by faculty and staff. The use of this space will shape the way we use our current campus technology for instruction at LMC.

You can use the Smart Classroom Quick Reference Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to power the projector on/off and how to use the control panel.

When you turn the projector on, it will default to the podium PC display. If you are using your laptop, connect it to the projector using the HDMI cable in the podium drawer, and select the HDMI button on the control panel to switch the projector display to your laptop. If you are using a Mac laptop, you will need a mini display port to HDMI converter. Please contact Courtney for the converter @ ext. 37712.

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