Professional Development & Learning

Conference Funding & Travel

PDAC has limited funds each year to support conferences and professional development activities.  In addition, funding is available through the PDAC application process from various additional sources such as Student Success and Support Services Plan (3SP), Nexus (2nd year New FT Faculty), and the Student Equity Plan (SEP).

"I truly appreciate PDAC's commitment to helping faculty and staff attend professional development.

I think attending conferences is the best way to prevent complacency in our profession, so thank you for the opportunity!"

Stacey Miller, Professor, English - PDAC Conference Funding Recipient


STEP 1: READ AND PRINT THESE DOCUMENTS (Note List of State Travel Restrictions Below)
PDAC Conference Funding Request Directions 2018-19   
PDAC Conference and Nexus funding Review and Approval Timeline for 2018-19

STEP 2 : Complete your On-line Wufoo Request Form

Please note: You will be asked to upload supporting documentation and a budget before submitting your request. Your on-line form will be received by our office and forwarded to your manager/dean for their review and approval. You may also print a copy and take it to them directly. It will be helpful to review the Conference Funding Instructions included above. Once approved and required documentation attached, the form will be forwarded to our office for review according to the Conference Memo Timeline.

Request for Leave Forms:

Please note the out-of state travel restrictions in relation to the following legislation:
States Subject to AB 1887’s Travel Prohibition:   The following states are currently subject to California’s ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel:
5.North Carolina
6.South Dakota
Exceptions:   The Legislature created exceptions in AB 1887 that allow travel to banned states in certain circumstances. (Gov. Code, § 11139.8, subd. (c).) These exceptions only apply if travel to a subject state is "required." (Ibid.)   Specifically, AB 1887 does not apply to state travel that is required for any of the following purposes:
1.Enforcement of California law, including auditing and revenue collection.
3.To meet contractual obligations incurred before January 1, 2017.
4.To comply with requests by the federal government to appear before committees.
5.To participate in meetings or training required by a grant or required to maintain grant funding.
6.To complete job-required training necessary to maintain licensure or similar standards required for holding a position, in the event that comparable training cannot be obtained in California or a different state not subject to the travel prohibition.
7.For the protection of public health, welfare, or safety, as determined by the affected agency, department, board, authority, or commission, or by the affected legislative office.
(Gov. Code, § 11139.8, subd. (c).)