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Flex Information

The Equity and Inclusion Office coordinates professional learning and Flex activities through PDAC and LPG for Flex. Both groups are comprised of Faculty, Managers, Classified Professional and Students who review and approve all professional learning and Flex credit-eligible activities prior to implementation.


Sign-in Sheet Template - Workshop Presenters: Have workshop participants sign-in at the activity. This sheet is used along with the required on-line registration names to verify attendance for Flex credit. 


Check out the LMC Flex Information Page. It addresses common questions, and provides contact information for any additional you may have. 

Current 2020-21 Academic Calendar  (see lower right of calendar for UF-negotiated information) outlines the FLEX weeks for Fall and Spring semesters.


Variable Professional Learning-Flex Proposal Form - Use this form if you would like to host an activity during the semester and would like to offer Variable Flex credit (maximum 10 credits per Academic year) to faculty attendees. [Variable Flex - Instructions for Facilitators].

Special Projects Form - Use this form if you would like to attend an activity off campus or complete a special activity/project and would like to receive Variable (maximum 10 credits per academic year) Flex credit for it. The form will be sent to the Dean for their review and approval, then returned to you by your Dean for you to attach to your final report which the Dean will sign off on and return to you again.

You will attach the approved form to your Faculty Agreement form at the end of the Academic Year (Full-time faculty) and at the end of each semester (Adjunct Faculty).

Leave Request - There is a check-off box for Flex credit which the Dean can pre-approve Variable Flex credit (maximum 10 credits per Academic year) when you attend a conference off-site. The Leave Request should be submitted to your Dean. 

Faculty Flex Agreements. Submit these documents electronically to your Dean.

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Local Planning Group for Flex (LPG) Chair, 2019-21: 

Julie Von Bergen, Math Faculty -

Equity and Inclusion Office:

Dr. Sabrina T. Kwist, Dean of Equity & Inclusion -