Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

Educational Master Plan 2020-2025


Educational Master Plan Implementation

Educational Master Plan 2020-2025 (11.11.2020, BOT approved) 


Educational Master Plan 2020-2025 (11.11.2020, BOT approved) 


EMP Core Group

  • EMP Core Group Membership (Expanded Planning Committee) 

    Chialin Hsieh, Committee Chair, Senior Dean of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

    BethAnn Stone,  Classified Senate Rep, Administrative Support, Senior Administrative Assistant, Office of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness, Classified Senate Vice President

    Bob Kratochvil, Management Rep, College President

    Tanisha Maxwell, Management Rep, Vice President of Student Services

    Natalie Hannum, Management Rep, Vice President of Instruction 

    Carols Montoya, Management Rep, Vice President of Business and Administrative Services

    Sabrina Kwist, Dean of Equity and Inclusion, Management Rep, 

    James Noel, Academic Senate Rep, Faculty, English, Academic Senate President

    Scott Hubbard, Academic Senate Rep,  Faculty, Mathematics Department/ TLC Chair

    Aprill Nogarr, Academic Senate Rep,  Faculty, English, Academic Senate Vice President

    Scott Warfe, Academic Senate Rep, Faculty, English, Faculty Research Coordinator, Accreditation Technical Writer

    Louie Giambattista, Academic Senate Rep,  Faculty & Curriculum Committee Chair

    Eloine Chapman, Classified Senate Rep, Senior Web Admin, TAG Rep (Spring 2020); Tammy Oranje, Classified Senate Rep, Financial Aid Scholarship Program Specialist (Fall 2019)

    Chris Long, Classified Senate Rep, Program Coordinator

    Paul West, Classified Senate Rep, Science Lab Coordinator

    Catherine Fonseca, Classified Senate Rep, Program Coordinator

    Shagoofa Khan, LMCAS Senate Rep,  Student

    Christian Ortiz, LMCAS Senate Rep, Student

    XXX, LMCAS Senate Rep, Student

    XXX, LMCAS Senate Rep, Student

  • Members' Role
    1. Develop the planning process

    2. Develop the planning timeline/milestone

    3. Analyze data results

    4. Facilitate/support public forums and/or College Assembly

    5. Draft goals

    6. Draft objectives

    7. Draft action steps

    8. Communication

  • Communication Plan
    The purpose of a Communication Plan is to outline: 
    1. Who will be responsible to distribute/communicate What to Whom 
    2. How and When the information will be distributed/communicated 
    3. The purposes of the communication are: 
      • to give information
      • to seek feedback
    1. SGC: EEO, IDEA, Planning, PDAC, Safety, TLC, SEM
    2. Academic Senate: Curriculum, TLC, Department Chairs, GE, DE
    3. Classified Senate
    4. Student Senate
    5. Manager: President’s Cabinet, President’s Council, Student Services Leadership Team, Instructional Deans Team, Administrative Services Team
    Who Whom
    James Academic Senate
    BethAnn Classified Senate
    Christian Student Senate
    Bob SGC
    Natalie SEM
    Chialin President’s Cabinet
    Tanisha President’s Council
    Louie Curriculum
    Natalie Instructional Deans Team
    Natalie Dept. Chair
    Shagoofa EEO
    Catherine CTE
    Paul PDAC
    Carlos Safety
    Tanisha Student Services Leadership Team
    Scott H. TLC
    Scott W. GE
    Tammy IDEA
    Chris TAG
    Carlos Administrative Services Team
    Aprill Distance Education




    EMP Timeline and Deliverables

    After 10/3/2019

    Provide information

    Environmental Scan: External Data Analysis Profiles

    SOAR Data Gathering

    After 11/7/2019

    Provide information and seek feedback

    Internal Data: Program Vitality

    After 12/5/2019

    Provide information and seek feedback

    3 College Forums

    After 2/6/2020

    Remind your constitutions about the EMP Forums

    Emerging Themes/Draft Goals

    After 3/5/2020

    Provide information and seek feedback

    Draft Goals/Objectives/KPI

    After 4/9/2020

    Provide information and seek feedback

    First draft EMP

    After 5/7/2020

    Provide information and seek feedback

    New draft Goals and Objectives

    After 8/13/2020

    Provide information and seek feedback

    Second draft EMP/Vetting

    After College Opening Day

    Seek feedback

    Finalize EMP



    Governance approval

    Oct 2020


    BOT approval

    Nov 2020



  • Meetings

    11/7/2019      Agenda    Meeting Notes

    12/5/2019    Agenda     Meeting Notes

    2/6/2020     Agenda     Meeting Notes

    3/6/2020    Agenda      Meeting Notes (Whole Day Retreat)

    4/9/2020    Agenda      Meeting Notes  

    5/7/2020    Agenda      Meeting Notes 

    8/13/2020  Agenda    Meeting Notes (Emergency Zoom meeting)

    9/3/2020  Agenda     Meeting Notes 


EMP Key Milestone


EMP Data Requirements


EMP Feedback