Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

Educational Master Plan 2020-2025


EMP Core Group

  • EMP Core Group Membership (Expanded Planning Committee) 

    Chialin Hsieh, Committee Chair, Senior Dean of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

    BethAnn Stone,  Classified Senate Rep, Administrative Support, Senior Administrative Assistant, Office of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness, Classified Senate Vice President

    Bob Kratochvil, Management Rep, College President

    Tanisha Maxwell, Management Rep, Vice President of Student Services

    Nancy Ybarra, Management Rep, Dean of Liberal Arts

    Sally Montemayor, Management Rep, Vice President of Instruction

    Carols Montoya, Management Rep, Vice President of Business and Administrative Services

    Josh Bearden, Academic Senate Rep, Faculty & Chair, Social Sciences, Academic Senate President

    Scott Hubbard, Academic Senate Rep,  Faculty, Mathematics Department/ TLC Chair

    Marie Arcidiacano Kaufman, Academic Senate Rep,  Faculty & Dept. Chair, Communication Studies & Speech/Academic Senate Vice President

    Scott Warfe, Academic Senate Rep, Faculty, English, Faculty Research Coordinator, Accreditation Technical Writer

    Louie Giambattista, Academic Senate Rep,  Faculty & Curriculum Committee Chair

    Tammy Oranje, Classified Senate Rep, Financial Aid Scholarship Program Specialist

    Christ Long, Classified Senate Rep, Program Coordinator

    Paul West, Classified Senate Rep, Science Lab Coordinator

    Catherine Fonseca, Classified Senate Rep, Program Coordinator

    Shagoofa Khan, LMCAS Senate Rep,  Student

    Christian Ortiz, LMCAS Senate Rep, Student

    Joye Carter, LMCAS Senate Rep, Student 

    XXX, LMCAS Senate Rep, Student

    XXX, LMCAS Senate Rep, Student

  • Members' Role
    1. Develop the planning process

    2. Develop the planning timeline/milestone

    3. Analyze data results

    4. Facilitate/support public forums and/or College Assembly

    5. Draft goals

    6. Draft objectives

    7. Draft action steps

    8. Communication

  • Communication Plan
    The purpose of a Communication Plan is to outline: 
    1. Who will be responsible to distribute/communicate What to Whom 
    2. How and When the information will be distributed/communicated 
    3. The purposes of the communication are: 
      • to seek feedback
      • to give information
    1. SGC: EEO, IDEA, Planning, PDAC, Safety, Sustainability, TLC, SEM
    2. Academic Senate: Curriculum, TLC, Department Chairs
    3. Classified Senate
    4. Student Senate
    5. Manager: President’s Cabinet, President’s Council, Student Services Leadership Team, Deans
    Who Whom
    Josh/Marie Academic Senate
    BethAnn Classified Senate
    Christian/Shagoofa Student Senate
    Bob/Chialin SGC
    Sally/Tanisha/Carlos SEM
    Bob/Chialin President’s Cabinet
    Bob President’s Council
    Louie Curriculum
    Sally/Nancy Deans’ Meeting
    Nancy Dept. Chair
    Carlos EEO
    Catherine IDEA
    Paul PDAC
    Carlos Safety
    Tanisha Student Services Leadership Team
    Carlos Sustainability
    Scott H. TLC




    EMP Timeline and Deliverables

    After 10/3/2019

    To give information

    Planning Gaps/Environmental Scan

    After 11/7

    To ask feedback

    SOAR/Program Vitality

    After 12/5

    To ask feedback

    3 College Forums

    After 2/6/2020

    To ask feedback

    Emerging Themes/Draft Goals

    After 3/5

    To ask feedback

    Draft Goals/Objectives/KPI

    After 4/9

    To ask feedback

    First draft EMP

    After 5/7

    To ask feedback

    Second draft EMP/Vetting

    After College Opening Day

    To ask feedback

    Governance approval

    Oct 2020


    BOT approval

    Nov 2020



EMP Key Milestone

  • Key Timeline and Tasks
    LMC Mission/Vision/Value and Educational Master Plan 2020-2025 Planning Process, Task, and Timeline
    Key Planning Process Task
    Kick Off Educational Master Plan 2020-2025
    Sept 11, 2019 1. Meet with EMP liaison and President's Cabinet to review the proposed Mission/Vision/Value and EMP workplan; activities, timelines, responsibilities, and draft of communications plan.
    Sep 12-Sept 24 2. Meet with College leaders (Senates' presidents) to review the proposed Mission/Vision/Value and EMP workplan; activities, timelines, responsibilities, and draft of communications plan.
    Sept 30, 2019  3. College Assembly: Mission/Vision/Value workshops and forum + EMP Overview

    Mission/Vision/Value (with focus on identification of stakeholders, formal and informal mandates/purposes, & "Six Key Organizational Questions") +  overview of EMP purpose and development process
    Oct 3
    (Planning Committee)
    4. Meet with the EMP Core Committee to discuss overall planning activities, timeline, responsibilities, and communication plan actions and methods. Gather input on the current planning process and structure and approach to integration. 
    Environmental Scan
    Oct--Dec. 2019 5. Conduct an assessment of existing plans to identify linkages (e.g., use RP Group’s Crosswalk of College Plans and Processes and Accreditation Standards) between and among plans, identify planning gaps, and develop an approach to address gaps.
    6. Determine data sets for environmental scan, prepare additional data, and conduct environmental scan analysis. Draft planning assumptions and implications. 
    7. Administer SOAR survey (Nov 8-20) to all constituent groups (e.g., advisory groups, external partners, etc.), and analyze results. 
    8. Collect and synthesize instructional program and support services information, strengths, challenges, and opportunities, (including program reviews and interviews with program/unit/area representatives). 
    Nov 7
    (Planning Committee)
    9. Planning Committee: review #5 (results), #6 (results), #7 (review SOAR survey questions)
    Dec 5
    (Planning Committee)
    10.Planning Committee: review #7 (results) and #8 (results)
    College Forums: Identify College wide  key issues, strategies and opportunities
    January 24, 2020
    (College Opening Day)
    11. College Opening Day: Mission/Vision/Value + EMP progress (#5,6,7,8,9,10)
    (3 College Forums)
    12. Meet with faculty, classified professionals, deans, other administrators and students to gain input on program and services strengths and opportunities (e.g., college forums).
    Three EMP Forums in February.
    We could incorporate the information/analysis gathered in #5,6,7,8,9,10,11.
    March 5
    (Planning Committee whole day)
    13. Facilitate a one-day planning retreat to review college forums input, scan data, SOAR results, program and services information to include the following: (#5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12)
    1. Identify emerging themes
    2. Connect with SEM
    3. Draft goals (a) and objectives (b) and key action steps (c)
    Goal Setting
    March-April 14. Develop key performance indicators (KPI) (d) and metrics (e)for the EMP goals. 
    Draft EMP
    April 9, 2020
    (Planning Committee)
    15. Finalize goals (a), objectives (b), key action steps (c), KPIs (d) and metrics(e). 
    May 7
    (Planning Committee)
    16. Prepare, review and vet first draft of Educational Master Plan.
    August, 2020
    (College Opening Day)
    17. Vet and approval of final draft Educational Master Plan for publication
    October 18. Governance approval
    November 19. BOT approval
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EMP Data Requirements


EMP Data Feedback

Feedback on Planning Gaps

Feedback on Environmental Scan

Feedback on SOAR

Feedback on Program Vitality