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Transfer Basics: The Six Steps to Transfer

How do you know when you are supposed to apply to transfer? And what is involved? Follow the six steps below to keep yourself on track and on the path to transfer.


Choose Your Major

Not sure what your major is yet? Need help figuring out who you are, what you want, what you don't want, and how to find your future career path? Choosing a major is one of the most important decisions you'll make in college, but how do you know what's out there and what's a good fit for you? Explore all of your options and make use of the tools at your disposal!

Explore your options by using the links below:

  • Clickable image to make an Appointment with Career Counselor
  • Clickable Image link to Explore Majors on your Own

Choose Your School

After you have selected your major you can begin to look for which school(s) you are interested in. 

Clickable image Link for Transferbound site

One useful tool to begin this search is found on the LMC website. Check out Transferbound to see what CSUs and UCs offer your major, and majors related to yours.

Clickable Image Link for LMC Choose your School

Looking to explore your options? Want to get information for universities in-state and out-of-state? Check out our website on Choosing Your School to get more information.

Clickable Image Link for our University Tours Page

Want to explore university campuses in person? Join us for a wide variety of FREE university tours each semester to become familiar what each University has to offer in terms of academics and student life.



Plan your classes

Now that you have a major and have some potential Universities to transfer to in mind, you will need to determine what classes to take and your transfer timeline.

Academic Counseling

Meet with an academic counselor to get your education plan started or updated.

Click below to book an appointment:

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Explore Your Classes


Degree Planning at LMC »


Degree Planning at LMC

If you are completing an associates degree at LMC it might be an associate degree for transfer (ADT) which can also be referred to as an AA-T or an AS-T. To determine if your degree is an ADT and what classes you need to complete to earn this degree check out the current college catalog:

LMC Catalog

Find your General Education Pattern »


Finding General Education Courses for Transfer

Depending on if you are looking to transfer to a UC, CSU, private or out-of-state school will dictate which classes you need and which general education pattern you may need to follow

Here are the two most common patterns for you to discuss with your academic counselor: 


Find Your Major Preparation Classes »


Finding Major Specific Courses for Transfer

Not only will  you have to determine your general education (GE) classes, depending on your major and your school, you will also need to register for your major preparation classes to round out the units/courses needed to transfer is a great tool to begin this search but should be used in partnership with counseling and other tools to create the full picture of your transfer path.


Learn about MyPath2ASU

Clickable Image Link for MyPath2ASU

Interested in going to Arizona State University?

If you looking for a guaranteed transfer to Arizona State University check out My Path 2 ASU to learn how your LMC coursework articulates. 

Contact a University Representative

Clickable Image Linkf for University Rep page

Have questions about your dream school? Make an appointment or email one of our University Reps to find out more.

UC Transfer Admission Guarantee

Clickable Image Link for UC Tag information Matrix

Do you want to guarantee yourself a place at the UC of your choice? Then check out the UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program to learn about eligibility requirements, participating UCs, and application procedures.


Prepare to apply

Finding Out When You are Ready to Apply

How do you know if you are ready to transfer? Meet with a couselor and/or transfer coach, complete a degree audit, attend a Transfer Basics workshop, or talk to a university rep.

Attending a Transfer workshop is a great way to see where you are in your transfer path and what the next steps are. These workshops are offered monthly year round. Check out our workshop page to see when the next one is being held.

Clickable Image Link to Meet with an Academic Counselor

Book an appointment with an academic counselor to make sure that you are on track and determine when you will be ready to apply.

Keeping Track of Progress/Timeline

Your timeline of applying will vary depending on whether you are a spring or fall transfer. Explore these two infographics to get an idea of your time line depending if you are a Spring or Fall transfer:

Spring Timeline

spring transfer timeline

Fall Timeline

fall transfer timeline

Deadlines & Requirements

Application Deadlines

Check out our How to Apply page to determine what your application deadlines may be:

Clickable Image Link for the LMC How to apply webpage

School Specific Requirements

Have specific questions about your specific school's requirements or deadlines? Meet with a university rep to get some answers.

Clickable Image Linkf for University Rep page


Application Help

We offer a variety of tools and workshops to help you with your application process!

Attend an application workshop to help you get started, answer any questions, and make you feel confident before you hit submit on your application. Check the link below to find dates for our labs:

Clickable Image Link for Transfer Events Page

Need help completing your application? We have the tools you need for your application questions. Explore the application support tools available on our How to Apply page:

Clickable Image Link for the LMC How to apply webpage

Applying to a CSU

When applying to a California State University, you will fill out the Cal State Apply Application. Explore the Cal State Apply Website as well as an Application Instructional video for CSUs below:

Clickable Image Link for the CSU Apply Website

Clickable Image Link for Zoom recording of CSU Application Workshop

Applying to a UC

Are you UC bound? Then visit the UC Transfer Admission Planner page to take the first steps in completing your UC Application. And don't wait! You can create your TAP account and begin completing it from your very first semester!

Clickable Image Link for UC TAP Website
Clickable Image Link for UC TAP Informational Video


Applying to an HBCU/Out-of-State/Private School

Are you applying to a private or out-of-state school? Then it is possible that you will need to complete the Common Application or the Common Black Application. Get started by checking out the Common App website as well as an instructional video around Common App or learn more about the CCC to HBCU Pathway.

Clickable Image Link for the Common App Website

Clickable Image Link for Common App Information Video


Black common app website

After you Apply


You did it! You submitted your application(s) by the deadline and you are on your way to your dream school. But you aren't done yet! There are still a few steps that you need to complete to finalize your transfer.


The most important step that you need to take after submitting your application is checking your email on a regular basis (weekly if not daily). Each school that you applied to will send you information, next steps, and deadlines, and you don't want to miss them. So be sure to check your email, follow up on to-do items quickly, and don't miss any deadlines. 

CSU: After you Apply

Clickable Image for CSU After You Apply Page

UC: After you Apply

Clickable Image Link for UC After You Apply Page


Once you have submitted your application for transfer you will receive emails from each school confirming the receipt of your application, and in some cases they will ask you to create an account in their student portal (like our InSite). In this student portal you will find a checklist of what to do next with deadlines. Be sure to complete each item by their deadline or else you may find that your application has been cancelled. 

Application Update

Clickable link for UC Academic Update video

Possibly one of the first requests that you will receive will be for you to update your applications in January. Now that your fall grades are posted, you will need to sign in to your applications and update your grades, as well as your spring classes. Each school will instruct you on how to do this. Just be sure that it is completed by the deadline, which for most schools is January 31st.


Clickable Image Link to Parchment Website

One of the more common requests is to submit a copy of your official transcripts. You can order these in InSite and most schools are set up for electronic submission. Don't send your transcripts until they are requested, but when you are ready. 

Receiving your degree

To be able to receive your associates degree, walk at graduation, and get your IGETC/CSUGE certified you will need to submit a petition. Here are your deadlines and the link to the form which is found in InSite:

Term Start Date and Deadline to Apply Notification of Eligibility Sent to All Semester Applicants via InSite Email Date Diplomas Will Be Mailed No Later Than
Summer April 1-July 15 InSite Email/Graduation Tile October 15
Fall August 1-October 15 InSite Email/Graduation Tile February 15
Spring November 1-March 1 InSite Email/Graduation Tile September 15


Clickable image link for Graduation LMC Webpage


Whether you are going to a UC or CSU, if you are planning to move out of the area then you are going to need some place to live. Check out these resources to help you apply for On or Off-Campus Housing:

CSU Family Housing Resources

Clickable Image for CSU Family Housing Resources

UC Family Housing Resources

Clickable Image Link for UC Family Housing Resources


Submitting your Intent to Register

The last step that you will take once you have received your admission decision(s) - most CSUs release decisions in October for spring transfers and March for fall transfers, while UCs release decisions in April for fall transfers - will be to commit to the school you intend to transfer to. You will need to submit your Student Intent to Register (SIR) but the deadline set out by each school. This deadline is typically May 1st for CSUs and June 1st for UCs.


Waitlist & Appeals

If you are denied or waitlisted for your dream school there are things that you can and should do. 
Explore the resources below to find out some next steps of what you can do: 

Clickable Image Link for UC Waitlist Frequenty Asked Questions

Clickable Image Link for Appealing Admissions Decision PDF

Most colleges will offer an opportunity to appeal if your application is rejected. There's a strict timeline for appeals- read this and act ASAP to have the best chance of success!