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How to Apply

Application processes are different at every type of institution. Below is more information, and helpful resources, for applying to UC's. CSU's, HBCU's, Private Colleges, and Out of State universities. 


Before you start, check for general transfer timelines & resources! Be sure to attend one of our application workshops to get answer to all of your questions.

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University of California (UCs)


Transfer Application Period:

Transfer Admission Guarantee September 1-September 30
Fall Quarter/Semester November 1-November 30 (application open for work August 1)
Spring Semester (UC Merced only) May 1-May 30


Application Websites:

Use the Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) to prepare for UC applications, and to submit a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)
UC Application- one application for all UC campuses


Transfer Application Resources:

What you should be doing for your UC application, when

Some programs at UC's require auditions, portfolios, or supplemental applications. Check to see what your major asks for here, under "Special Requirements"
Did you take an AP test in high school? See if your score will count towards UC credit
Writing tips for the UC's new "Personal Insight Questions"
PDF of UC application, with area descriptions and help
Contact information for Admissions, Transfer, Tours, DSPS, and EOP at all UC campuses


Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Resources:

UC TAG Matrix Breakdown of requirements for TAGS at all participating UCs
TAG at LMC Powerpoint explaining TAG requirements and application
UC Transferable Courses A list of all UC Transferable Courses at LMC
Campus Specific Information for:
UC Davis UC Irvine UC Merced
UC Riverside UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz


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California State Universities (CSUs)


Transfer Application Period:

Fall Quarter/Semester October 1-November 30
Winter Quarter (not guaranteed for all campuses/majors) June 1-June 30
Spring Semester (not guaranteed for all campuses/majors) August 1-August 30


Application Websites:

CSU Application. EOP application part of application!


Transfer Application Resources:

A step-by-step guide for completing the Cal State Apply application

More detailed assistance for entering your courses and grades into your CSU application

Find deadlines, by campus, for EOP, Intent to Register, Orientation, and more

Contact information for Admissions, Transfer, Tours, DSPS, and EOP at all UC campuses


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Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs)

HBCUs were founded during a historical time when schools were segregated and Black people were not allowed to attend Predominately White Institutions (PWIs).  Although the majority of the students at HBCUs are Black, HBCUs are not exclusively for Black people (just as PWIs are not exclusively for White people). Some HBCU's are private schools while others are public.  


Transfer Application Period:

Varies by campus!


Application Websites:

One application for 46 HBCUs (ask Transfer & Career Services for a fee waiver code!)



Transfer Application Resources:

  • coming soon!



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Private Colleges and Universities


Transfer Application Period:

Varies by campus! Check the websites of the individual campus.


Application Websites:

One application for most private colleges in California and the United States (ask Transfer & Career Services about fee waivers!)


Transfer Application Resources:

Most private colleges will require a personal essay. Start here, and attend an essay writing workshop

How to create an account and get started

A series of videos to help you complete the Common App as a transfer student.




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Out-of-State Colleges and Universities


Transfer Application Period:

Varies by institution!


Application Websites:

Varies by institution! Come to Transfer & Career Services to make an appointment with our Transfer Coordinator, or receive assistance during our drop in hours (see front page) for Out of State applications


Transfer Application Resources:

  • coming soon