Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

Program Review 2019-2020 Year 3 Report


Individual Program Reports 

  • Administrative
    Program Review Name  Service Area Program Review  Year 3 Update Report
    Administrative Unit All Administrative Report
    Brentwood Center Administrative Report
    President's Office Administrative Report
    Equity and Inclusion/Professional Administrative Report
    Marketing Administrative Report
    Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Administrative  Report
    Office of Instruction Administrative  Report
    Office of Student Services Administrative  Report
    Bookstore/Central Services Administrative  Report

    Building and Grounds/Custodial Service 

    Administrative  Report

    Business Office/HR

    Administrative Report
    Central Services/Bookstore Administrative Report
    Information Technology and Services Administrative Report
    Workforce Development Administrative Report
  • Student Services

    S= Student Services    L= Learning Community

    Program Review Name Program Review  Year 3  Update Report
    Student Services Unit All Report
    Learning Community Unit All Report
    Honors Program (L) Report:  Part  1; Part 2
    Puente (L) Report:  Part 1; Part 2
    Transfer Academy (L) Report:  Part 1; Part 2
    UMOJA (L) Report:  Part 1; Part 2
    Career Center (S) (I) Report (S); Report (I)
    International Students (S) Report (Office of Student Life) 
    Office of Student Life (S) (I) Report  (S); Report (I)
    Outreach (S)  Report 
    Transfer Center (S) (I) Report (S); Report (I)
    Admissions and Records (S) Report
    Athletics (S) (I) Report (S); Report (I)
    Financial Aid (S) Report
    Student Retention and Support Services (S) Report
    EOPS (S) Report
    CalWORKS (S) Report
    CARE (S) Report
    Counseling Services (S) (I) Report (S); Report (I)
    Disabled Students Program and Services (S) (I) Report (S); Report (I)
  • Instructional
    Program Review Unit Name Program Review Year 3 Update Reports
    Instructional Unit All Report
    Business Report 
    Management and Supervision  Report
    Travel Marketing  Report 
    Child Development  Report
    Fire Technology/EMS Fire Technology: Report, EMS: Report
    Electrical/Instrument Technology  Report 
    Process Technology  Report
    Administration of Justice Report 
    History  Report 
    Social Justice Report
    Appliance Service Technology Report
    Automotive Technology Report
    Welding Technology Report

    Arts: Report

    Humanities: Report

    Graphic Communications Report
    Anthropology Report
    Psychology Report
    Philosophy Report
    Sociology Report
    Journalism Report
    Speech/Communication Report
    Dramatic Arts Report
    English Report
    English as a Second Language/ESL Non Credit Report
    Music Report
    Recording Arts/Commercial Music Report
    Center for Academic Support Report
    World Language Report
    Biological Sciences Report
    Computer Science Report


    Registered Nursing Report
    Licensed Vocational Nursing Report
    Kinesiology Report
    Chemistry Report
    Engineering/Physics/Physical Science-ASTRO

    ENGIN: Report

    PHYS: Report

    ASTRO: Report

    Library/Learning Resources Report
    Law Enforcement Academy Report
    MESA (L)  Report: Part 1; Part 2


Theme Reports

Program Review Year 3 Update Process and Timeline (original 11.7.2019)

Program Review Year 3 Update Process and Timeline (update 9.23.2020)

Sample Template--a template for these committees/offices to summarize their reviews of the theme reports

The purpose of the theme reports is to improve our program review process—including timeline, template questions, professional development, communication, and gauging progress in attainment of goals as well as informing college leaders of possible emerging “big ideas”.