Early College Credit

Welcome to the LMC Early College Credit
Dual Enrollment Program!

LMC offers college courses to high school students during their regular school day! These courses are called Dual Enrollment courses. Students must apply to the college and work with their high school counselors in order to enroll in these special classes.

Online Orientation for Dual or Concurrently Enrolled students!

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LMC is now delivering Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 classes ONLINE!
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Program Information

2020-21 Dual Enrollment Offerings

Check with YOUR high school counselor for more information
on how to enroll in your school's Dual Enrollment program! 

Steps to Enroll in Dual Enrollment Classes PDF

Try the LMC Enrollment & Registration Video Tutorials Below
or call the LMC Admissions & Records Help Line at:
(925) 473-7500

  • Step 1: GET YOUR LMC ID#


    • Click on Apply to LMC
    • Click on Create an account (CCCApply) and follow the instructions to create the CCCApply account
    • Continue to complete the LMC application and click submit (be sure to choose the correct term)
    • Await email from InSite (LMC Student Portal) with your LMC student ID#, username & password (this will come to the email address that you applied with)
    • Email may take up to 24 hours to appear. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder

    LMC Application Video Tutorial



    • Go to your personal email & locate the email from InSite with your LMC student ID#, username, & password
    • Log into your InSite Portal
    • Enter your username & password
    • You will be prompted to create a new password & create challenge questions

    Logging Into InSite for the First Time Video Tutorial



    • Log into your InSite Portal
    • Click on the LMC Student Forms tile
    • Click on  Dual Enrollment Authorization Form
      (You will only complete this form ONCE during your high school years)
    • YOU Fill out & submit the Authorization form
    • If you are an undocumented/non-resident student, please make sure you check the SB-150 box & sign your name
    • Note: YOU cannot fill out the Parent & Administration portion of the form, even though it has a required* asterisk symbol)
    • YOUR COUNSELOR fills out & submits the Authorization form
    • YOUR PARENT* fills out & submits the Authorization form
    • The LMC Admissions & Records Department will receive the completed form for processing and to keep on file for any other Dual Enrollment courses you would like to enroll in in the future.
    • Continue to complete the Dual Enrollment Registration Form. You must complete BOTH forms!

    Dual Enrollment Authorization Form VideoTutorial



    • Return to your LMC Student Forms tile
    • Click on the  Dual Enrollment Registration Form
    • Complete & submit the form
    • YOU sign & submit the Registration form
    • YOUR COUNSELOR will sign & submit the Registration form which will then come back to YOUR InSite email
      (your counselor will add in the class(es) that you have been approved to take in this program)
    • YOU sign & re-submit the Registration form AGAIN to approve your counselors class choices for you
      (to finalize registration authorization ONLY, you still need to REGISTER in STEP 3)
    • YOU will receive ANOTHER email in your LMC InSite account with instructions on how to finalize REGISTRATION for your course in the Plan-Progress tile**

    **PLEASE NOTE: This process will take 1-3 DAYS some times as each person fills out the form and it is emailed to the next person for signing. YOU MUST CHECK YOUR PERSONAL/INSITE EMAIL OFTEN! This way you will know when it comes back fully signed. 

    Dual Enrollment Registration Form Video Tutorial



    • Log into your InSite Portal
    • Click on the "Plan-Progress" tile
    • Click on "Plan and Register"
    • In the course search bar, type in the course you would like to add to your plan.
    • Click on View Available Sections for your class and add your approved section to your schedule
    • You can find the correct section numbers on the Dual Enrollment Registration Form that was emailed to you or from your high school counselor
    • Once you add the course to your schedule,  return to Plan and Schedule
    • Click on Register under your class name (make sure you are on the correct term, i.e. Fall, Spring, etc.)


    • Return to your LMC Student Tiles page
    • Click on "My Schedule" tile
    • Choose the correct term/semester
    • If you see your class(es) listed there:


    ***PLEASE NOTE!!! It will take 2-4 hours after you complete registration for your CANVAS to be ready to login to & view your class(es) or to enroll in the Early College Credit Online Orientation. 

    Dual Enrollment Registration: Registering For Your Approved Courses

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I want to enroll in a Dual Enrollment Class, where should I start?
    Click on the Steps to Enroll button for a PDF of the Steps, or follow the Steps as they are laid out on the LMC Early College Credit Dual Enrollment webpage.

    Who can I contact and where can I get help with the LMC application?
    Email Elizabeth Ramirez, LMC Outreach Coordinator OR use the Dual Enrollment Steps & Video Tutorials OR go to the LMC Concurrent Student Webpage & view the LMC Application webpage with Video Tutorial posted there.

    If I already have an LMC ID#, do I need to reapply to get a new one?
    No, if you already have an LMC ID#, regardless of whether or not you took a class, you do not need to reapply. Once you are given an LMC ID#, you have it forever. If you need help retrieving it, you can call the LMC IT Helpdesk (925) 229-6888, or you can look back through your emails searching for LMC, Los Medanos, or InSite for the original email with the ID#.

    How do I know which class or classes I am registering for on InSite? 
    Your HS counselor will let you know which class you’ve been approved to take.

    Please note, year-long programs that consist of two different classes will only allow you to register for the Fall class to begin with. You will need to register for the Spring class when Spring registration begins (Your counselor will assist you.)

    How will I know if my forms have been received and processed?
    All LMC communication will be sent to your LMC InSite email. You can also email Admissions and Records or call them at (925) 473-7500.

    If I am approved to take a class, but registered for the wrong section, do I need to fill out a new registration form?
    Once you are approved for a class, you can make a section change, by dropping the original section, and adding in the new section without submitting any new forms.

    How Do I Register Using the Late Add Process?
    Email the instructor to add the class. If the instructor authorizes permission, you will receive a notice/email in your InSite portal. Once authorized, you can register for the class on your Ed. Plan.
    Click here for more information - Adding a Class (Late Registration)

    Where is my LMC class located online?
    Your class is is located in Canvas in your InSite portal. Login here & click on the Canvas tile.

    How can I get help with logging into my InSite portal?
    Contact LMC’s IT Help Desk at 925-229-6888

    Who do I contact if I have questions about the class? 
    Email the instructor at their LMC email.

    This is my first time taking an online class at LMC, what can I expect?
    Enroll in the LMC Early College Credit Online Orientation! The orientation contains short videos that will help you learn about & become familiar with the online learning environment at LMC so that you can be successful in your online college courses. 

    LMC Online Orientation - ENROLL HERE