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HS Counselor of Dual Enrollment Students 

Are you the high school counselor of a LMC Dual Enrollment student? Here is information about the Dual Enrollment Forms steps and FAQ's to help you along the way!

  • What You Should Know:
  • What's My Role?

    As a high school counselor, your approval and signature is required on 2 LMC Dual Enrollment Forms.

    First Time Dual Enrollment Students Returning Dual Enrollment Students


  • What is the Difference between the Forms?
    • The AUTHORIZATION form is completed & submitted ONE TIME and is valid for the student's entire high school career. It is authorized & signed by the student, the counselor and the parent/guardian.
    • You will receive 2 emails in total during the AUTHORIZATION form processing. The first will be from "forms@losmedanos.edu" & the 2nd will be a "verification of signature account creation" email from"notify@ngwebsolutions.com".

    • The REGISTRATION form is completed & submitted EACH semester that a student wants to take Dual Enrollment classes with LMC. The  form requires you to choose the term & approved class(es) for the student to take, the student's signature TWICE (once to initiate the form & once after you have added the approved LMC class(es) and then is forwarded to LMC Admissions & Records for processing. This form DOES NOT require a parent signature.
    • You will receive 1 email during the REGISTRATION form from "forms@losmedanos.edu".
  • Dual Enrollment Forms FAQ's

    My student is having trouble finding their LMC ID# and/or logging into their InSite portal.

    • Have student call the IT Help Desk: (925) 229-6888

    How do I know the student is registered in the Dual Enrollment class?

    • Student can share their registration confirmation page 
    • Student can share InSite portal tile "My Schedule" (classes are listed there)
    • Contact K-12 Senior Coordinator for assistance Kgreen@losmedanos.edu

    I can't login to my forms "signature" account, what can I do?

    • Try using a different browser than the one you used previously. Sometimes saving passwords creates conflicts on certain browsers. (Use Firefox instead of Chrome...etc.)
    • Contact Dynamic Forms to assist with login at the following email address:

    How do I know where my student is in the Forms Process?

    • Have student check their InSite portal email for the latest communication from LMC.
    • Contact LMC Forms specialist: asoto@losmedanos.edu

    Once registered where does my student find their class?

    • From the student's InSite portal, the class will be found on the tile named "Canvas". Please refer to LMC Academic Dates & Deadlines page here:

For additional information on Dual Enrollment & the Dual Enrollment forms, video go to the LMC Dual Enrollment main webpage here:

Call LMC Admissions & Records Help Line at: (925) 473-7500
Email LMC Forms Specialist at: asoto@losmedanos.edu