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HS Counselor of Dual Enrollment Students 

Are you the high school counselor of a LMC Dual Enrollment student? Here is information about the Dual Enrollment Authorization Form steps and FAQ's to help you along the way!

  • What You Should Know:
    • Students must complete the LMC application, receive an LMC ID # and username/password to login to their student portal InSite in order to start the Dual Enrollment Authorization Form if they are first time Dual Enrollment participants and/or to register for the Dual Enrollment class.
    • Know the registration dates for Dual Enrollment students. They are posted here: LMC Registration Dates
      For additional information and support, go to the LMC Dual Enrollment Webpage  
    • For additional information on how students may complete the LMC Application go to the LMC Enrollment Steps webpage.
  • What's My Role?

    As a high school counselor, your approval and signature is required on the LMC Dual Enrollment Authorization Form. This form is only submitted once and is valid for the student's entire high school years.

    You will submit the list of students interested in registering for Dual Enrollment courses to the LMC Admissions & Records each semester.


  • Dual Enrollment Forms FAQ's

    My student is having trouble finding their LMC ID# and/or logging into their InSite portal.

    • Have student call the IT Help Desk: (925) 229-6888

    How do I know the student is registered in the Dual Enrollment class?

    • Student can share their registration confirmation page 
    • Student can share InSite portal tile "My Schedule" (classes are listed there)
    • Contact K-12 Senior Coordinator for assistance Kgreen@losmedanos.edu

    I can't login to my forms "signature" account, what can I do?

    • Try using a different browser than the one you used previously. Sometimes saving passwords creates conflicts on certain browsers. (Use Firefox instead of Chrome...etc.)
    • Contact Dynamic Forms to assist with login at the following email address:

    How do I know where my student is in the Form Process?

    • Have student check their InSite portal email for the latest communication from LMC.
    • Contact LMC Forms specialist: asoto@losmedanos.edu

    Once registered where does my student find their class?

    • From the student's InSite portal, the class will be found on the tile named "Canvas". Please refer to LMC Academic Dates & Deadlines page here:

For additional information on Dual Enrollment & the Dual Enrollment Authorization form, go to the LMC Dual Enrollment main webpage here: