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Concurrent Enrollment is when you, a high school student, take LMC courses on your own time...after school, online, Saturdays, etc.

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  1. Talk to your HS counselor about what class you should take.
  2. Talk to your parent about their thoughts about you taking a college class + $ (textbooks, parking permit, fees, if applicable).
  3. Explore the classes being offered and decide which section works best with your schedule.

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    High School Concurrent Registration begins: June 17, 2024 Fall Classes start August 26, 2024

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    Class Number Class Name Units Transfer
    ANTHR-005 General Anthropology 3 UC/CSU
    ANTHR-006 Cultural Anthropology 3 UC/CSU
    ART -005 The Visual Arts 3 UC/CSU
    ART-072 Introduction to Digital Photography 3 UC/CSU
    ASTRO-010 Intro to Astronomy 3 UC/CSU
    ASTRO-011 Astronomy Laboratory 1 UC/CSU
    AUTO-110 Automotive Essential Car Care 5.5 CSU
    BIOSC-005 Biology of Health 3 UC/CSU
    BIOSC-008 Human Biology 4 UC/CSU
    BIOSC-010 General Biology 3 UC/CSU
    BUS-018 Introduction to Excel 3 CSU
    BUS-035A Microsoft Word 1.5 CSU
    BUS-035C Microsoft Powerpoint 1.5 CSU
    BUS-109 Introduction to Business 3 UC/CSU
    BUS-160 Personal Finance 3 CSU
    CHDEV-010/ ECE-010 Child Growth and Development 3 UC/CSU
    CHDEV-020/ ECE-020 Child, Family, & Community 3 UC/CSU
    CHDEV-050/ ECE-050 Teaching in a Diverse Society 3 UC/CSU
    CHEM-007 Intro to General, Organic and Biochemistry 4 UC/CSU
    CNT-037 Help Desk Customer Technical Support 3 CSU
    COMSC-030 Web Site Development - Part 1 1.5 CSU
    COMSC-040 Intro to Computer and Information Systems 4 CSU
    COMSC-044 Introduction to C++ Programming 3 UC/CSU
    COMSC-051 Java for Programmers 3 UC/CSU
    COMSC-122 Programming Concepts and Methodologies I 3 UC/CSU
    CONST-010N Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Fundamentals 0 P/NP
    COUNS-031 Educational Planning 0.3 P/NP
    COUNS-032 Introduction to Career Exploration 1.5 CSU
    COUNS-033 Transfer Planning 1.5 CSU
    COUNS-034 College Success 1.5 CSU
    COUNS-036 Career & Life Planning 3 UC/CSU
    DRAMA-016 Theatre Appreciation 3 UC/CSU
    DRAMA-030 Chicano/a Mexican American Cinema 3 UC/CSU
    DRAMA-070 Film as an International Art Form 3 UC/CSU
    DRONE-010N Remote Pilot Certification Preparation 0 P/NP
    ECE-001 Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children 3 CSU
    ECON-005 Economic History of the United States 3 UC/CSU
    EMS-013 Medical Terminology for Health Care Professions 3 CSU
    EMS-014 Healthcare Provider CPR 0.3 P/NP
    ENGL-100 College Composition 3 UC/CSU
    ENGL-100E Enhanced College Composition 4 UC/CSU
    ENGL-111 Creative Writing 3 CSU
    ENGL-121 Introduction to Chicano Literature 3 UC/CSU
    ENGL-128 Introduction to Asian American Literature 3 UC/CSU
    ENGL-133 Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Popular Fiction and Film 3 UC/CSU
    ENGL-135/ SJS-135 Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies 3 UC/CSU
    ENGL-136/ SJS-136 Introduction to Gender Studies 3 UC/CSU
    ESL-065PC Essential Pronunciation & Conversation 1 - Credit ESL 3 P/NP
    ESL-065W Fundamental Writing 1 - Credit ESL 3 P/NP
    ETEC-009 ETEC Mathematics 4 CSU
    ETEC-010 Direct Current Circuits 4 CSU
    ETHN-045 Introduction to Black Studies 3 UC/CSU
    ETHN-101 Introduction to Ethnic Studies 3 UC/CSU
    FIRE-102 Fire Behavior and Combustion 3 CSU
    HIST-029 United States History Until 1865 3 UC/CSU
    HIST-030 United States History From 1865 3 UC/CSU
    HUMAN-050 Hip Hop Culture: An American Phenomenon 3 UC/CSU
    JOURN-100 Mass Communication 3 UC/CSU
    KINES-100 Introduction to Kinesiology 3 UC/CSU
    MATH-110 Introduction to Statistics 4 UC/CSU
    MATH-110S Math Skills for Success in Statistics 2 SC
    MATH-155 Precalculus 4 UC/CSU
    MATH-155S Intermediate Algebra for Precalculus 2 SC
    MATH-210 Calculus & Analytical Geometry I 4 UC/CSU
    MUSIC-010 Music Literature 3 UC/CSU
    MUSIC-012 Popular Music in American Culture 3 UC/CSU
    MUSIC-031 Piano I 1.5 UC/CSU
    NUTR-055 Introduction to Nutrition 3 UC/CSU
    PHIL-100 Introduction to Philosophy 3 UC/CSU
    PHIL-122 Contemporary Moral Issues 3 UC/CSU
    PHYSC-005 General Physical Science 3 UC/CSU
    POLSC-010 Intro to American Government: Institutions and Ideals 3 UC/CSU
    PSYCH-010 Individual and Social Processes Processes 3 UC/CSU
    PSYCH-011 General Psychology 3 UC/CSU
    PTEC-010 Introduction to Process Technology 3 CSU
    RNURS-001 Nursing Career Seminar 0.3 P/NP
    SIGN-050 Elementary American Sign Language I 5 UC/CSU
    SJS-110 Introduction to Social Justice Studies 3 UC/CSU
    SJS-150 Introduction to Race & Ethnicity 3 UC/CSU
    SPAN-050 Elementary Spanish I 5 UC/CSU
    SPCH-110 Speech Communication 3 UC/CSU
    SOCIO-015 Introduction to Sociology 3 UC/CSU
    WELD-010 Basic Arc Welding Theory 3 CSU

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