Special Admit Enrollment FAQs

Special Admit Enrollment FAQs

  • How does a HS student register for taking classes from LMC?
    Follow the directions found here: https://www.losmedanos.edu/registration/concurrent/index.aspx
  • How many classes can a student request on one form?

    A student can request up to 3 classes per form. More than 3 will require an additional form that will generate a warning that the student is submitting a duplicate form. Disregard this warning and then click on Complete Form.

    *Concurrent enrollment special admit students are limited at 11 units per semester maximum.

  • How does a student clear a pre-requisite?
    Students can upload their transcript or proof of final semester grades on the Special Admit Enrollment Form. The HS counselor can also upload the verification when the form is routed to them for class approval/signature. The final grade must be posted before LMC can enroll them in a course with that prerequisite. This needs to be done before the class starts or within a day or two. The sooner the better as the class may fill before the pre-requisite is cleared. Transcripts showing courses in-progress (IP) will not be accepted. If a student needs to submit their transcript after submitting the Special Admit Form, they can use the Prerequisite Equivalency Request Form found in the student’s InSite LMC Student Forms tile.
  • How does a student get on a waitlist?
    The process is the same as filling out the Special Admit Enrollment form, but once the student goes to register for the class instead of seeing “Register” they will need “Waitlist”. If a student chooses Waitlist, they can check the status from the Registration tile and the “manage my waitlist” option. This is recommended to do every day or two to see if they receive permission to register for the class.
  • Do Special Admit students pay any fees?
    Special Admit students are exempt from enrollment fees if enrolled in less than 12 units. However, Special Admit students must pay the student union fee ($1 per unit, to a maximum of $10 per academic year). Special Admit students must pay the student activity fee of $5 and the student representation fee of $2 (unless a refund request is submitted to the Cashier’s Office (ppeters@losmedanos.edu) or through InSite Student Forms tile during the refund period for each term enrolled).
  • Which browser is best to use in filling out the form?
    Chrome is recommended. Safari may be incompatible.
  • Where can the Special Admit Form be found?
    Students can find the form in the LMC Student Forms tile on their InSite home page. They can also use the hyperlink from the Admissions Forms page to access: https://www.losmedanos.edu/admissions/forms.aspx
  • If a student wants to take classes at more than one Contra Costa Community College campus (LMC, DVC, or CCC, for example), do they need to fill out different forms?
    Yes! Students need to use the correct form for each campus and cannot put class requests offered at different campuses on one campus’s form. Note: Brentwood and Pittsburg campuses are both part of Los Medanos College. 
  • What email address should be added to a student/parent’s address book so the email doesn’t go into spam or junk?
  • How does the parent/guardian sign the form after the Special Admit Request Form is submitted through InSite?

    The form is first routed to the HS principal or their designee for class approval. Once they approve it, the form is then forwarded to the parent or guardian via their email for their approval and to be signed electronically. If it is the parent or guardian’s first time signing the document they will need to create a free account using their own unique username and password.