Early College Credit

Returning Dual Enrollment Students

Have you taken an LMC Dual Enrollment class before? Here are the steps to take and video tutorials to help you along the way!

  • STEP 1: Complete the DE Registration Form

    STEP 1: Complete the LMC DE Registration Form

    Returning Dual Enrollment Students will only need to complete 1 online form:
         1. LMC DE Registration Form 

    Complete the LMC DE Registration Form

    • Login to your InSite & click on the Student Forms tile.
    • Click on the  Dual Enrollment Registration Form
    • Students complete, sign & submit the Registration form to your high school counselor.
    • Check your InSite email & click the link to resign & submit form to Los Medanos College.
    • Go back to the InSite tiles page & click on the Plan-Progress tile.
    • Click on Plan and Register.
    • In the Course Search Bar, type in the course you would like to add to your plan.
    • On the left side "Filter Results", checkmark the boxes with appropriate "Subjects" and "Terms".
    • Click on View Available Sections for your class and add your counselor approved section to your schedule.

    Forms will be processed within 1-2 business days

    Dual Enrollment Registration Form Video Tutorial

  • STEP 2: Register For Your DE Classes

    STEP 2: Register For Your Approved Dual Enrollment Classes

    • Check your InSite email again for the ready to REGISTER email.
    • Return to your InSite Portal & Click on the "Plan-Progress" tile
    • Click on "Plan and Register" & make sure you are on the correct term, i.e. Spring 2022, Summer 2022, etc.
    • In the course search bar, type in the course you would like to add to your plan.
    • Click on the blue Register Now button.

    • Return to your LMC Student Tiles page
    • Click on "My Schedule" tile
    • Choose the correct term/semester
      If you see your class(es) listed there:
                      CONGRATS! YOU ARE REGISTERED!***

    It will take 2-4 hours after you complete registration for your CANVAS to be ready to login to & view your class(es) or to enroll in the Early College Credit Online Orientation. 

    Dual Enrollment Registration Video Tutorial:
    Registering For Your Approved Courses

  • NEXT STEPS: Dual Enrollment Online Orientation

    Even if you've taken the DE Online Orientation Module before, you can always sign into it again to remember all of the types of support that are offered to you, the Los Medanos College student!


    • Once you've registered, you can email your LMC professor to introduce yourself & ask for any current information for the class.
    • You can go through the DE Online Orientation content anytime!


    Click here to enroll in the DE Online Orientation

Call LMC Admissions & Records Help Line at: (925) 473-7500
Email the LMC Forms Specialist at: asoto@losmedanos.edu