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Dual Enrollment Course Request

Thank you for requesting an LMC Dual Enrollment Course at your high school!

All submitted requests will be reviewed by LMC’s instructional Dean, Department chair, and Early College Credit team. Requests will be considered in the fall semester for implementation in the following academic year (both fall and spring). If approved, dual enrollment courses must be included in the student’s HS course selections in January/February in order for students to participate in the enrollment process in the spring before they leave for Summer Break.

Requests should be approved by the HS site principal/admin first before being submitted. Courses that require specific facilities must be met prior to implementation. For example, an Astronomy class must have access to a planetarium. Textbooks and all instructional course materials cost are borne by the K12 district. Although every effort is made to reuse textbooks for a minimum of three years, this is not guaranteed.

All dual enrollment courses are taught by college faculty. As such, efforts may be taken to consider hiring a HS teacher to teach the dual enrollment class outside of their K12 contract who meet the CA State Chancellor’s Office minimum qualifications to teach in the community college system, though there is no guarantee a HS teacher will be selected.

> Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges