Academic Senate

Faculty Representatives on Committees


Shared Governance Council (SGC)

Chair: Bob Kratochvil
Faculty Rep: TBA

Curriculum Committee

Chair: Louie Giambattista
Faculty Rep: Tawny Beal, Dann Gesink, Erich Holtmann, Scott Hubbard, Morgan Lynn, Jancy Rickman & Penny Wilkins.

Institutional Development for Equity & Access (IDEA)

Chair: Nicole Trager
Faculty Rep: Janice Townsend & Erlinda Jones

Sabbatical Leave Committee

Chair: TBA
Faculty Rep: Dennis Gravert & Vacant

Districtwide Faculty Selection Committee for Semester-Length Study Abroad Program

Chair: TBA
Faculty Rep:

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Committee

Co-Chairs: Sabrina Kwist and Alex Porter
Faculty Rep: Theodora Adkins, Janice Townsend & James Noel

Planning Committee

Chair: Bob Kratochvil
Faculty Rep: Silvester Henderson & Cecil Nasworthy

District Governace Council (DGC)

Silvester Henderson (appointed 12/2013)

Faculty Senates Coordinating Council (FSCC)

Silvester Henderson

Enrollment Management

Chair: Kevin Horan (
Faculty Rep: TBA

Box 2A

Chair: Silvester Henderson
Faculty Rep: Michael Zilber

Accreditation Steering Committee

Distance Education 

Developmental Education

Safety Committee

Chair: Alex Porter
Faculty Rep: Lucy Snow, Derek Domenichelli & Victor Coronado

Counselor: Melissa Pon


General Education

Chair: Joshua Bearden

Career and Technical Education 

Professional Development (PDAC)

Co-Chairs: Mary Oleson & Sabrina Kwist
Faculty Rep: Tess Caldwell, Margaret Kenrick & Janice Townsend

Grade Appeal Committee

Local Planning Group (LPG, Staff Development, flex)

Chair: Vacancy
Janice Townsend
Michael Yeong
Rosa Armendariz
Erlinda Jones

Student Success & Support Program Committee (formerly Matriculation)

Chair: Dave Belman
ESL/Basic Skills: Paula Gunder
Math/Basic Skills: Julie von Bergen
Counseling: Frances Moy
Counseling: Marco Godinez

Scholarship Committee

Chair: Lindy Maynes (
Faculty Rep: Louie Giambattista

Technology Advisory Group (TAG)

Chair: Vacancy
Kim Wentworth
Curtis Corlew

Teaching & Learning Committee

Chair: Scott Hubbard


Chair: Dave Belman