Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)


The Equal Employment Opportunity Committee is a Shared Governance Committee with members appointed by the Academic Senate, Classified Senate, Student Senate and the College President.


The EEO Committee's annual charges are determined by the Shared Governance Council. The charges for 2015-16 are currently in development. The charges will be posted here once they are finalized and approved.

The EEO Committee meets the second Tuesday of every month from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in SS4-409 Conference Room.


Spring 2018 EEO Committee Meeting Schedule:

  • February 13, 2018
  • March 13, 2018 (in MA-142)
  • April 10, 2018
  • May 8, 2018
  • June 12, 2018
  • July 10, 2018