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PechaKucha  20x20       flyer            

 A Lively, Fast-Paced Speaker Event

Wednesday, April 17, 

3-5PM  Room CO-103

All the rage in Japan and worldwide, PechaKucha is the most dynamic speaker-event around.

The only rules?  Each speaker gets 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide.  That's it!  If you love eclectic topics and a zany, intense format, you'll love LMC's first PechaKucha event featuring diverse speakers and quirky topics including

  • Edward Haven: Design in the Modern World (Professor of Philosophy, LMC)
  • Lorenzo Navales: Cinema and You  (Honors Student) 
  • Chance Nelson: Feed Your Curiosity (Honors Student) 
  • Briana McCarthy:  Open Water Swimming (Biology Professor) 
  • Lexi Roberts: WWOOFing in Japan (Honors Student) 
  • Esperanza Rojas:  My Life in Law Enforcement  (Honors Student)
  • Michelle Selvans: Going to Antarctica for Research (Professor of Geology, DVC) 
  • Parisa Roghani: Osteopathology (Biology Professor) 
  • Peter Woods:  A Hammock in the Suriname Jungle (German Professor, DVC) 

And snacks.  There will be snacks.  

Sponsored by the LMC Honors Club


Fake newsCombat Fake News:  A Media Literacy Panel

Monday, November 26, 2018
2:15-3:15 PM    Room CO-103

Professor Christina Goff

LMC Library Director 
Professor Nolan Higdon

Project Censored, DVC 

  • How do I know what is real news vs. fake news?
  • How worried should I be about censorship?
  • Can I trust social media?

This will be an invigorating discussion about Project Censored’s work exposing and reporting news censorship.  You’ll also learn about the LMC’s Library’s resources can help you figure out what to believe and how to be a smart consumer of information. 

Don’t miss it!

Sponsored by the LMC Honors Program.