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Honors Courses are specially designed for the highly motivated student and guarantee you a smaller class surrounded by dedicated students. We choose some of LMC's best professors to teach these courses which meet most students' transfer and AA/AS general education requirements. Click the links below for details about upcoming Honors Courses.

Do Honors Courses Have a Lot More Work?

NO! Honors Courses don't have MORE work than their regular counterparts, rather they have DIFFERENT work. So, for example, you'll still write the same number of pages in your Honors English class, but the topics and books will be more sophisticated.

Full Description of Honors Course Characteristics

Will My Honors Courses Be Graded Differently?

Honors Courses are NOT graded on a curve so you will not be forced to compete for a limited number of "A" and "B" grades. Your honors professors know that you are being graded on challenging material which requires more original and in-depth thinking and research. This additional effort required in Honors Courses will be reflected in your grades, but as in any class, students who fail to meet course standards will be assigned low marks.

Do All of My Courses Need To Be Honors Courses?

No! To be an Active Member of the Program you need to take at least two Honors Course or Contract in the academic year (Fall + Spring semesters). Most students take one per semester, but you can double-up in a single semester as well. To graduate from the Honors Program as an "Honors Scholar" you need to take 5 Honors Courses/Contracts total which averages out to about one per semester. However many of our students merely take one or two Honors Courses -- the decision is up to you.

Honors Contracts

Honors Contracts give program members who cannot fit Honors Courses into their schedule the opportunity for academic work in the Honors Program. Honors Contracts give you the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with your professors on personally designed projects which complement the regular work in the course. Honors Contracts take about 25 extra hours of work.


Automatic Honors Courses

Automatic Honors Courses are those which, due to their intensive nature, give students "automatic" honors credit towards their Honors Scholar requirements without any additional work beyond the course's assignments. The Automatic Courses are Biological Science 20 and 21; Chemistry 28 and 29; Math 230, 240 and 250; Physics 40, 41 and 42; and Registered Nursing 22, 26, 31, and 26. These courses do NOT appear as Honors Courses on transcripts.

Automatic Honors Courses may not be counted towards the UCLA TAP Transfer Agreement. Please contact Honors Program staff for more information.

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