Equity & Inclusion Office

At the Fall 2015 semester Los Medanos College Opening Day Event, President Dr. Bob Kratochvil, reiterated his commitment to achieving institutional equity for all students. 

In Spring 2016, the Los Medanos College Office of Equity and Inclusion was created.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion is committed to:

  • Achieving equitable success for all students,
  • Providing a diverse and equitable academic and cultural environment for all members of the Los Medanos campus community,
  • Institutionalizing equity throughout the college.

Through the design and implementation of a campus-wide equity plan that goes beyond the state driven Student Equity Plan, the Office of Equity and Inclusion provides leadership for equity-based decisions, practices, and policies.

Our goal is Equitable Student Success through culturally relevant educational opportunities, pedagogies, and practices across the institution, as well as intentional employee recruitment, inclusion, and an on-going commitment to equity-based professional development.

Learn more about the LMC Office of Equity & Inclusion: