Equity in Action

Mini-Grant Opportunities

IMPACT Equity Grants (up to $5,000)

LMC’s Student Equity Plan has dedicated funds to support innovative, engaging projects that promote community, inclusion, and celebrate the diversity that is the fabric of the populations we serve. Thanks to funding from the State of California, Los Medanos College has been allocated a significant budget for programs and projects that support the specific goals of the Student Equity Plan not addressed by the annual college budget. These mini-grants are available to faculty, staff, students and managers of the college. Grants may support work by individuals, groups, departments or collaborations.

Equity Professional Development Mini-Grants (up to $2,500)

LMC’s Student Equity Plan has dedicated funds through Professional Development to support innovative, engaging programming, trainings and/or workshops that provide impact in the way we serve our students and campus community. These grants are designed to provide professional development that leads to a change in practice and/or culture that is specific to the Student Equity Plan goals in concert with the needs of your program/department staff.

*Note this is a different process than PDAC Conference and PDAC Mini Grant funding forms. 


IMPACT Equity Mini Grant 2022-2023

Acceptable and Unacceptable Uses of Student Equity & Achievement Funds for 2019-20

IMPACT Equity Grant Letter to LMC Campus Community


Deadline: 2nd Monday of the month( 9:00AM)

Notification:  Last week of the month