Evidence Standard I.B.1-1-I.B.1-32



I.B.1-1 Email-Get Ready for Program Review November 2013
I.B.1-2 Academic Senate Minutes 24Mar2014
I.B.1-3 Classified Senate Minutes 21Feb2014
I.B.1-4 Planning Committee Minutes 06Mar2014
I.B.1-5 Teaching and Learning Committee Minutes 21Jan2014
I.B.1-6 Curriculum Committee Minutes 04Dec2013
I.B.1-7 Curriculum Committee Minutes 05Feb2014
I.B.1-8 Curriculum Committee Minutes 19Feb2014
I.B.1-9 General Education Committee Minutes 15Nov2013
I.B.1-10 Developmental Education Committee Minutes 30Apr2013
I.B.1-11 Career Technical Education Committee Minutes 27Nov2012
I.B.1-12 Matriculation Committee Minutes 13Feb2012
I.B.1-13 List of Flex Workshops-January 2013
I.B.1-14 List of Flex Workshops-spring 2014
I.B.1-15 College Assembly 31Mar2014 GE Assessment PowerPoint
I.B.1-16 SGC Sub-Committee Charges 2011-2012
I.B.1-17 SGC Sub-Committee Charges 2013-2014
I.B.1-18 SGC Minutes 100913
I.B.1-19 SGC Minutes 121113
I.B.1-20 LMC Brentwood Center Educational Master Plan 2006-2016
I.B.1-21 Educational Master Plan Opening Day-January 2009 Activity Summary
I.B.1-22 LMC Facilities Master Plan 2001
I.B.1-23 CCCCD Governing Board Approval of 5 Year Construction Plan
I.B.1-24 LMC Facilities Master Plan 2007
I.B.1-25 LMC Eastside Campus Master Plan Update 2010
I.B.1-26 SGC Minutes 012710
I.B.1-27 SGC Distance Ed Committee De-Authorization spring 2010
I.B.1-28 SGC Minutes 041410
I.B.1-29 Distance Education Strategic Plan 2009
I.B.1-30 Survivor Program Review Island Agenda for Day 8-15-12
I.B.1-31 Survivor Program Review Island Focused Flex Flyer 8-15-12
I.B.1-32 Survivor Program Review Island Focused Flex Email from Ryan 25May2012