Teaching & Learning Committee

eLumen is coming soon! For now, utilize the below documents to guide assessment planning and reporting. PSLO Assessment reporting 2021-2022 will occur in eLumen

Documents & Resources

Assessment Reporting Documents:

CSLO Assessment How-To Guide

CSLO Assessment Reporting Template

Course Cohorts for Assessment


Assessment Support Documents:

Adjunct Assessment Stipend Request Information

TLC Drop-ins Flyer Spring 2021

Five Best Practices in Assessment

Methods of Assessment List

Writing SLOs Using Active Verbs


Assessment Examples:

Math Cycle 1 PSLO Report

Speech Dept PSLO Plan

Speech Department Final PSLO Report 2017

Bio Majors PSLO Report


Focused Flex Sp19 Backward Design Resources:

Focused FLEX Shared Folder

Assessment History & Archives:

 A Brief History of Assessment at LMC

A New Model of Assessment-SP2012

Archived: Membership and Charge

Assessment Timeline

Bridging Research, Information and Culture - BRIC

California Assessment Institute rubric for assessing institutional progress on assessment

Five Year Integrated Assessment Model - Revised 2012

GE Assessment Report, 2018

Institutional Dialogue on Assessment

Single Year Integrated Assessment Model - revised 2012

Timeline for Assessment

TLC Midway Report, 2012-2017

TLC Final Report, 2018


Assessment Reports & Survey Results:

PSLO Assessment Results

Assessment Faculty Survey Comments 2012

Assessment Faculty Survey Results 2012

Board Reports on Assessment at LMC: SP06, SP07,FA08

GE SLO Assessment, Spring 2014

Progress Reports for Resource Allocation: 2003-04, 04-05, 05-06, 06-07

Summary of Assessment, Fall 2014