Teaching & Learning Committee

Current Members

2021-22  Membership List

TLC Chair

CSLO/PSLO Assessment Coordinator

Marci Lapriore

General Education Program Assessment Coordinator


Adrianna Simone

Development Education/ESL, faculty lead/designee

(appointed by DE/ESL committee)



Student Services, faculty lead/designee

(appointed by Student Services faculty)


Tanisha Maxwell

Library and Learning Services, faculty/lead or designee

(appointed by LLS faculty)


Roseann Erwin

Department Chair representative, CTE

(Voted by CTE Department Chairs)


Patrice Moore


Department Chair representative, Liberal Arts

(appointed by LAS Department Chairs)



Department Chair representative, Math and Sciences

(appointed by M&S Department Chairs)


Tue Rust

Part-time faculty at large

(appointed by AS/compensated at NI rate with TLC funds)

Ryan Tripp


Curriculum Committee, Chair/designee

(appointed by Curriculum Committee)

Morgan Lynn

P.I.P. Program Representative

Briana McCarthy

Professional Development Advisory Committee, Chair/designee

(appointed by PDAC)



Planning Committee, chair/designee

(appointed by Planning Committee)


Chialin Hsieh

Distance Education, Chair/designee

(appointed by Distance Education Committee)



Student Representative

(appointed by Associated Students of LMC)


Vice President of Student Services

Tanisha Maxwell

Dean of Math & Sciences

Ryan Pedersen

Previous Membership, 2011