CR-1 LMC List of LMC Approved Courses-29Apr2014
CR-2 Appendix V-Survey Instrument Summary of SLO New Assessment Model
CR-3 SGC 11Apr2012 Minutes-Approval of SLO Assessment Model
CR-4 Academic Senate Minutes 12Mar2012-Approval of SLO Assessment Model
CR-5 List of 2012-2013 Cohorts-Courses Assessed
CR-6 Public Drive Course Level and Program Assessment Folder Screenshot
CR-7 Program Assessment Results Executive Summary Webpage Screenshot
CR-8 2014 LMC Brentwood Center Organizational Chart
CR-9 CCCCD Governing Board Meeting Agenda 10Nov2010-Brentwood Center
CR-10 CCCCD Governing Board Meeting Minutes 10Nov2010-Brentwood Center
CR-11 CCCCD Governing Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes 28Mar2012
CR-12 Brentwood Center Needs Study 2011
CR-13 CCCCD Governing Board Approval of Environmental Impact Report-25May2011
CR-14 CCCCD Governing Board Minutes 25May2011-Approval of Brentwood Center Project
CR-15 CCCCD Governing Board Minutes 26Feb2014-June 2014 Bond Approval
CR-16 E-mail Governing Board Approves Local Education Bond Measure on June 2014 Ballot
CR-17 PDAC Report to SGC 01May2009
CR-18 PDAC Plan B Report December 2009
CR-19 PDAC Charges 2011-2012
CR-20 PDAC Charges 2013-2014 and 2014-2015
CR-21 PDAC Membership Roster 2012-2013
CR-22 LPG Membership Roster 2013-2014
CR-23 PDAC 2013-2015 Goals and Objectives Approved May 2013
CR-24 Professional Development Webpage Screenshot
CR-25 Flex Workshop Evaluation Form Template-spring 2012
CR-26 Survey Monkey Email-Focused Flex spring 2014
CR-27 Final Evaluation Summary of PD Flex Flex Activity Looking In Looking Out-Jan2013
CR-28 Overall Flex Evaluation Summary by Theme September 2012
CR-29 LMC-District wide Survey on Professional Development Results 2013
CR-30 LMC Brentwood Center-District wide Survey on Professional Development Results 2013
CR-31 Flex Technology Trainings spring 2012
CR-32 List of Flex Technology Related Workshops
CR-33 Workshops on Section 508 Compliance
CR-34 DSPS Faculty Handbook-508 Compliance Webpage Screenshot
CR-35 CCCCD Spring 2013 Teaching Academy
CR-36 CCCCD Fall 2013 Teaching Academy
CR-37 CCCCD Teaching Academy Web-based Retention Strategies spring 2013
CR-38 Distance Education Best Practices with Guide Webpage Screenshot