EvidenceStdII.B II.B1-1toII.B.1-34



II.B.1-1 LMC Student Services Provided Webpages Screenshot
II.B.1-2 CTE/Workforce Connections-One Stops Minutes
II.B.1-3 EXITO Grant Welcome Center Coordinator Role
II.B.1-4 High School Orientation Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-5 New Student Orientation Flyer and Workshops Schedule
II.B.1-6 High School Orientation Agenda and PowerPoint
II.B.1-7 Opportunity Junction PowerPoint for Business Course
II.B.1-8 Assessment Center Webpages Screenshot
II.B.1-9 English and Math Understanding Assessment Results
II.B.1-10 LMC Application Pg5-Identified Interests
II.B.1-11 EOPS Email Response
II.B.1-12 Career Ladders Project-Community College Pathways Collaborative Agenda 17Jul2012
II.B.1-13 Living Skills for Foster Youth-Spring 2012 Class Program and Information
II.B.1-14 Roadmap - Appliance Service Technology
II.B.1-15 Agenda for Orientation to College and Careers
II.B.1-16 Professional Development Workshop Agenda and Attendees Email 08Nov2012
II.B.1-17 Financial Aid Steering Committee Meeting Notes 31Jan2014
II.B.1-18 Admissions and Records Directors Meeting Summary 24Feb2014
II.B.1-19 Student Services Managers Meeting Agendas March 2014
II.B.1-20 Student Services Accreditation Standard IIB Feedback 25Feb2014
II.B.1-21 Student Services Electronic Ed Plan Training Email 04Apr2014
II.B.1-22 High School Counselors Conference Agenda and PowerPoint 19Feb2014
II.B.1-23 Educational Partners Breakfast-Save the Date Notification
II.B.1-24 Educational Partners Breakfast-Sample PowerPoint
II.B.1-25 Transfer Center-University Representative Visits Schedule spring 2014
II.B.1-26 Transfer Center Workshops and Events Calendar
II.B.1-27 Transfer Center University Tours
II.B.1-28 DSPS 2013-2014 Advisory Board Member List
II.B.1-29 EOPS 2013-2014 Advisory Board Member List
II.B.1-30 EOPS Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 25Jun2013
II.B.1-31 DSPS Advisory Board Meeting Agenda 04Dec2013
II.B.1-32 DSPS Advisory Board Meeting Minutes 06Dec2010
II.B.1-33 Transfer Academy Home Webpage Screenshot
II.B.1-34 Transfer Academy Retreat Notes June 20-21 2013